CFL discussion (non-Tiger-Cat)

This is going to be HUGE!
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What a lineup!


While they're at it they should offer him the GM job for next season. He can help to orchestrate a 2023 Grey Cup win just like he did in 1999 as our QB.

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Not only that. We actually have tribes within the SAME fanbase. :sunglasses:

It's just passionate fans with the same championship goal for the team who can't agree on how to achieve that. It's like any other dysfunctional family.


heh i actually deleted my comment because it was unnecessary and pointless.

Looks like EDM has committed to Cornelius as their starting QB, making starter's money in 2023. Or whatever "committed" means when you're playing for Chris Jones.

The $100k bonus paid this year could explain why they were so eager to shed Beard's salary.

Contract details: Edmonton Elks pay QB Taylor Cornelius over $100,000 to sign extension - 3DownNation


Thanks. I'll stick to my own tribe's board.

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you belong to a tribe? which nation?

are you scared of other teams fans opinions or something?

Thanks for your interest.


i am interested. i love CFL and interaction with other passionate fans regardless of team allegiances.

i mean, discussing players from other teams would seem more logically constructively done outside of one’s own teams own fanbase no? even in that opposing team’s fanbase forum even?


Hi G...Girl,
Of course you are welcome here, although Cat-bashing is not tolerated. However, we are curious that you've been on the CFL Forum for ~7 years (or more?), but it's only very recently that you started to post on the Tiger-Cats board. What do you attribute that to? Do you like our board because of it's busy activity and insightful comments, or are the Cats your 2nd favourite team (after the Lions), or... ???

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7 years? whoa

as for reason why i posted here? see my comment you quoted. and no i did not bash cats and i don’t bash any teams.

OK, but I never accused you of Cat bashing. I was just telling you that we will quickly run outsiders off of our board if they make any "nasty" comments here. Um, what is your comment that I quoted?


ok then.

Just don't visit their threads like I do. I just open the thread and click to the timeline scroll on the right and begone they are

This thread is called CFL discussion (non-Tiger-Cat). I would think Cornelius contract details fall under that umbrella. Not sure what the issue is?


It's because she pointed out a similar topic about the Cornelius contract that is occuring on the main board. ExPat and many others don't really venture too often into the main forum.

It's no big deal. Gridiron Girl is new around here so it's Just a minor misunderstanding.

I too was new to this forum I got temporary banned for calling out SL for his questionable play? Seems like a double standard to me

Sometimes some of the visitors to our forum can get a bit edgy when responding to our posts. In my case, I was simply curious as to why a long-time CFL forum member has only recently started posting on the Tiger-Cat forum. There was no malintent intended on my part. Apologies if my posts were misconstrued in that way.


what makes you think i’m a long time member? i don’t get the 7 year thing?

also, i was warned specifically about the members of this group and now i see why. oh well. adios amigos!