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I know there's a whole other forum for this, but I prefer chatting with my own tribe.

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  • It's looking like a weird year for FG kicking. Half the guys are at 60% or below, with a bunch of names I don't recognize (including our guy).
  • Tough times for Canadian QBs. Even when you're the #2 QB on a two-person depth chart, you still don't get to start when the #1 QB gets hurt.
  • Other than some of the stale old commentators, TSN broadcasts seem to have a fresh energy this year.
  • People talk about certain O-linemen being "pylons" but this Argo play has to be the worst I've ever seen. Only cost them a TD. Keep your eye on the left tackle.
  • Fajardo is doing a great job on the runs, but something tells me they are going to that well too often. He doesn't back down from tackles and has come up limping a couple of times.

Watching the Bombers game yesterday, Collaros got rocked on one play and probably some others too.
Every time he gets hit, I wonder if he is going to get up?
His escapability wasn't as good yesterday as it was against us

Be careful. You might get yelled at for a non Ticats thread....

Well, you managed to withstand the pressure (i.e. one guy) to post your power rankings in the other forum. With half the posts in 2021 being about the pandemic, I'm thinking there is room here to discuss the CFL.

Ya...the TC forum is not a friendly place. A private club for about 6 regulars it seems.
Grover I too cringe every time Collaros hits the turf

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Pretty sure the Ticats Forum existed before the CFL forum. At least the original was independent.
Not sure people realize that.

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You, BG, Snuggles, and myself certainly do... lol

You forgot the Pope.

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His first loss since 2018. (That statement warrants an asterisk with explanation.)

Still belongs in the conversation of elite CFL QBs, IMO, although sometimes he is overlooked. Surprisingly, one of only three active QBs to have won a Grey Cup as a starter.

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Even through the Grey Cup I wasnt convinced. The Strecker gimmick package didn't help.

Convinced now. If he's healthy he's upper tier and can take over a game.

I just watched the video a few times of the Argo left tacke that ExPat mentions in his orignal post. To me it looks like the player forgot the snap count or he was in a completely different headspace. The DE was long past him before he even realized what was going on.

I think the Argos coaches will straighten him out pretty quick. I would love to be a fly on the wall during that film session. :stuck_out_tongue:

It will be a tough day in the film room for him. But I'm thinking it's just as bad that he didn't bother to chase down the fumble or returner. He wouldn't have caught the guy, but damn - at least pretend to care!


A 300 plus pounder in his first game with the 20 sec clock, he might have been low on O2.

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For some of us "Start Chang Now!" wasnt just a catchphrase. It was a lived experience.


Khari Jones or I'm never going to another game was a classic.

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LOL. :rofl:

I forgot he played here . But then again there are a lot of things I'd like to forget about the Cats circa 2003 - 2008 . :scream:

Chang Labour Day Debacle :
"Taaffe should listen to the fanbase"/"Don't dare blame the fans" within hours of eachother. A personal favourite


Anybody else find it interesting that Edmonton are up to 14 Covid cases and yet the Lions haven't reported a single case. They played on Thursday and by Saturday the 1st five Covid cases were confirmed in the Elks locker room. Some of the Elks were no doubt already infected while playing.

You would think with all the line of scrimmage pileups, tackles and other forms of contact that some of the B.C. Lion players would have gotten sick.

Something doesn't quite add up here. :thinking:

elitist snob :slight_smile:

they are only saying that people are testing positive, not that they are sick. Very likely they came into contact with virus after the game. I am guessing on the plane.