CFL disciplines official


I just read this on TSN's page. Quite interesting.

hey goood for the league for being open about it.

This seems like a tough but fair decision. I hope the ref in question doesn't let this setback discourage him from continuing and that he can improve in the amateur ranks and get another shot at working pro games.

The CFL needs quality refs, and hopefully this will send a message to all of the crews that their on-field statements and decisions have consequences, so they better do everything they can to make the right call.

I have no way of knowing of course, but I suspect Higgins had more than a few words to say with entire crew of this game. One of them has been punished and demoted. Let's hope he doesn't have to do the same with others.

Kudos to the CFL for being open and honest about this situation.

What is also interesting, but no explanation given, is the other officials that have been removed from the remainder of the season. This is a good move, as it sends the message that the officials must be accountable. Can't help but think that when a player is about to be ejected for whatever reason, that it is an automatic video review. As it can affect the outcome of a game. In this case, the Riders would have had to punt, ergo no FG in that possession. Such is life. But I'm liking the actions of the CFL and Mr. Higgins.

That's good, because that was a chip call.

I think the bad thing is that what decision is made on that field at that time stand despite whatever transpires after the face. This means that a team suffers over a bad call and the opposing team get's a break. I guess the only thing is try and make the right calls and settle any disputes in a effective timely manner?

Most may not know this but the league operates with 6 crews through the summer, then sends back 7 officials to amateur and operates with 5 crews for the rest of the season. They do not persay(sp?) send back a whole crew, rather just 7 different individuals. This has been happening for several years now that I know of.

I'd like to see Ireland in amateurs.

Tom Higgins > George Black

Black would have just swept this under the carpet. Hats off to Tom Higgins and the CFL.

Sounds more to me like this is what's happening to that official ... I didn't see anything about him being demoted immediately, other than the fact that he wasn't on the crew for the Winnipeg-Hamilton game. They just say he'll be sent down by Labour Day, and maybe that was pre-determined (ie, the 7 officials with the least experience go back down to the amateur level anyway?)

But I agree that it's good the CFL is making an example of it.

During the two bye weeks, the top four crews get to work (like a kind of bonus). If an official is not one of the 35 working past Labour Day, he does not get that bonus game. I noticed last night that Ireland’s crew had a different LJ, like you said above. It is most often the more inexperienced officials that get sent down. We’ll have to see come Labour Day and on who got to stick around.