CFL did the wrong thing

I find this post offensive. What are you insinuating?? :thdn:

Yeah, looks like you’re right on that one. My bad. :slight_smile:

i'm not insinuating anything. i'm asking a question.
does anyone have the answer?

This is exactly what I meant. Mitchell got a suspension. So should have Lewis, but because its the playoffs CFL stated values/morals were given the week off.

Brain?!?!? hahahaha

That was Heffney, and given how bad the Bombers were this year I think he had a point.

oh yea. he most definitely did.
i agreed with him ( as did most ), but one should not publicly criticize his employer. he should have addressed his concerns in house.

Nik Lewis: "I will be donating my West Final game cheque to the Calgary Women’s Emergency Shelter."
good on Nik Lewis!

O.K. Good on him. Hopefully he learned something.

Was this meant as a joke?? :thdn: :thdn:

I don't think the league could have done much more legally than it already has... as for the white player getting into trouble over twitter comments, I can't think of any... for me, this is done, lets move on...

Does the name Sean Avery ring any bells? Insensitivity does not recognize any race, sex or age.

Good for Nik Lewis to step forward and get some positive yardage out of this. Yes we need to condemn the original tweet but we should also recognize this gesture. There is no undoing the deed but it is nice to see the effort to make amends.

what was it that avery said?

i can remember his calling broudeur fatso, but thats it.
i'm googling for the answer, but no quotes are coming up.

all i've found is, a former teammate of avery's accused him of making racist comments, then flipflopped saying he never accused avery of it at all...and a player called avery 'gay' during a game, which earned him a fine. and a player agent was upset with avery for supporting gay marriage.

i don't see anything that avery said.

There was his sloppy seconds comment, for one.

if that's all he ever said, i don't see that in the controversial level of racist, homophobic, insubordinate, making light of a tragedy type comments. it only made headlines because it was directed at a minor-celebrity, and because canadian media is insane over anything hockey-related.
i put it in the same category as shaq singing, "kobe couldn't do it without me".

A punishment must fit the crime and have a rehabilitation component to be of any value. I see he has donated the pay for the West Final to a shelter - He should also do a few weeks working at a shelter to get a better grasp on what impact domestic violence has on women.

I do not believe his debt is to you or me - his debt for his stupid comments are to those impacted by them. The only one who should have a right to remove him is the Owner of the Stamps - if they want to fire him that's their right. The CFL should buddy him up in the off season for a few weeks and then make him work as a spokesperson for a local shelter next season... That way he does some time - he learns and gives back... that's what punishments are suppose to do.

Good point drummer_god!

Former Hockey Night in Canada anchor Dave Hodge can tell you what happens after you diss your employer publicly:

He was instantly replaced the next airing!

haha...i've never seen that video.
thanks for sharing.

Ok, so did Eric Tillman's $50 fine for pleading GUILTY to sexual assault on a 16 year old fit the crime? Was that as you say "an acceptable rehabilitation component of any value"? Probably not considering the Riders continued paying him his full salary on "paid administrative leave" until he RESIGNED nearly a full year after he was charged. Did the CFL buddy up with Eric and "ensure he gave back to the community"? I dont think so. Hey, maybe Nik was on prescription drugs at the time of the tweet and that led to this indiscretion?

My point here is not to throw Eric under a bus, but to bring things into perspective a bit... everyone is making it sound like Nik is the one who slashed a couple throats and owes this great debt to society. Was his tweet tasteless? yes. Did he hurt anyone but himself? no. Did he learn his lesson? hopefully.

Look at it this way... if this is the worst thing a CFL player does I think we'd all have to agree we're fortunate to support the most respectful/sane league in the world. Geez... let it rest.

Where is your outrage over the ALS player getting charged with domestic violence last week in south carolina, Ventil Wilkins beat up his fiance to the point she was unrecognizable?? Why isn’t that thread been started ?? Nik made a bad joke, he was fined , get over it !