CFL development league with total sponsorship by NFL

I think its time, we have a great league but check out the sports news on player movements. It’s a development league, some will come or stay for the quality of life. Canadian content can easily be worked out as the rules can.

I want top quality now and the future. Just like junior hockey, or university sports!! It’s a developmental league. NFL has deep pockets for player development.

Or get a new franchise with no money or support, that will fix it all.


The NFL already has a development league called the NCAA which costs them nothing. I like your other idea of gettinga new franchise with no money or support better.

In what league? What am I missing?

With all due respect… what is wrong with you?

I would rather have a development slot for a player or two, not full blown “development league” status.

Besides the AAF will fill that niche.

When the XFL/AAF fail I would rather the CFL get rid of the NFL option year and see if the leagues can negotiate transfer fees.

Take it out of the players’ share if they absolutely must. The players would still make more money than staying in the CFL.

I don’t like the label of the CFL being a development league. Nor do I like the fact that players are being released to pursue NFL opportunities. Some might look at it as being positive but I look at it as being negative. We need to keep talent here in order to make this league a success. Fans need to be able to identify players as part of their teams. Not just a pit stop for other opportunities.

Having said that, all the best to the players that have signed NFL futures deals to hopefully fulfill their dreams.

Agreed. Well said.

This 100% Agree

And I’ll second your “with all due respect”…what is wrong with this guy ?

Ithink the idea of this topic is stupid and insulting to the CFL. That said, if i owned an NFL team i would seriously consider also purchasing a CFL team. It wouldn’t hurt having access to so many additional players

I agree that transfer fees are the way to go, as long as the transfers only occur in our off-season. Is that how it works for the soccer leagues that pay transfer fees?

I’m not a soccer fan, besides World Cups. In my perfect world CFL contracts would be a minimum of three years, but NFL teams would be able to buy out a player’s contract at the end of each season if they were truly interested.

The money earned could then go into other things, such as increasing players salaries.

The CFL has proposed many times that the NFL pay transfer fees for signing CFL players under contract. The NFL has always replied, No. And why should they? They can sign all the CFL players they want (and could probably care less if they never signed another CFL player). They already have a development league in the NCAA which costs them nothing.

Then they should try taking it out of the players’ cut if the NFL doesn’t want to pay itself. A player signing a NFL future contract would still make more than the average CFL player if he had a small moment, call it a development fee, deducted.

Or if the NFL still doesn’t want to play ball the CFL should turn into a rugby league (but hopefully with forward passing). They don’t pay as much as soccer, but rugby has transfer fees.

There are many great college football players, enough to support the CFL rosters. The scouting system for the NFL for College players is based on stats. This is why so many great ball players end up in the CFL. Furthermore, only a very small percentage of college players make a NFL roster. I don’t see any proplem with American players in the CFL wanting to go down south and play in their own country and get paid the going market value to play the most shortest average career
of any sport. Think about it, getting paid in US dollars and playing in front of your country man. I wish them all well that pursue thier dreams.

Sure, but on the same vein, they don’t have to come up here if they don’t like our contracts.

In short, no…


The relationship between the CFL and the NFL is just fine the way it is. There is no need to formalize an arrangement that is already simpatico.

Is heck no not an option?

I don’t like the idea of being a farm league for the NFL. I understand that in order to attract players the CFL needed the NFL window. I would like to see the team that loses the player get paid by the NFL team the equivalent to the players next years’ salary. This would only apply to players still under contract.
It would offset some of the cost of finding these players.