CFL denies Palmer's Ottawa Group is out

CFL continues talks on return to Ottawa

Globe and Mail David Naylor

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Arius found a more detailed article

by Matthew Sekeres, The Ottawa Citizen

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So... Is there still going to be a franchise or no? The article is a bit confusing.

The Matthew Sekeres article clarifies it this way, ESA

“The league is continuing to work with a group
that has expressed interest in bringing a franchise
back to the Ottawa-Gatineau region,?

said a league statement released through
director of communications Perry Lefko.

“While there is hope that a team
can be in place for the 2008 season,

the league will only expand beyond its current roster
of eight franchises under the right circumstances.?

It makes no sense to expand to Ottawa unless they find the committed ownership like they did with C&S in Toronto and Young in Hamilton. Perhaps this group of American investors will be found wanting. Rejecting their bid or D'Angelo's could be good moves by the league.

I think these types of articles and the difficulty in securing ANY type of ownership (legit or not) should be a sign that it's time to move on (No dissrespect to any Ottawa football fans) but really if something is this hard to obtain, maybe it's time to let it go.

It’s a tough one to let go geo365, if your the CFL.
Ottawa does have the stadium in place and the population.
Just missing that one key thing…Decent ownership…

TSN just reported that the Palmer group denies pulling out and say that negotiations are still going on and that they are productive.

Guys Sekeres is correct and having had a few beers with him at Grey Cup in Winnipeg he is not exactly optimistic that Ottawa will get a team. But he is respectable and honest and if he says negotiations are ongoing then I believe it. His reputation in the Ottawa media is impecable

Mostly I'm bumping this up ... because I see the negative thread (no Ottawa football) has about 10x more responses than this one ...

The thing is, it's all just speculation right now.

I'm pretty worried, maybe even a bit pessimistic about it now (as opposed to a few days ago, when I was optimistic). But it's not done yet ...

And you know what? If they're not willing to pay the money now, then how are they going to be willing to pay the money when the team starts losing? Most CFL teams lose money; a brand-new Ottawa team would too.

I say, good on the CFL for being so picky and charging so much. If Palmer's not the right man for the job, then don't give him the job JUST so there's football in Ottawa. They made that mistake with the Gliebs, and look where it got them. That's why I applaud them showing D'Angelo the door - less because I don't like D'Angelo, and more because the CFL is being picky (like they should be).

Like some say, better to have to wait an extra year and get proper, solid ownership than to automatically take just anyone.

I understand....I do! And I wouldn't want to see ANY city's fans be deprived of a team they love. But....the CFL is a business and right now the whole idea of getting a team back there seems so difficult and time consuming that maybe they need to look at other alternatives.

And I've said this about Toronto as well (again no dissrespect to any football fans in Toronto) but....even though the Argo's do have their true blue fans.....there is no support from the media in the city and they do struggle to get fans into the stadium. Maybe they need to be moved to a place that will appreciate them a little more and maybe Ottawa needs to be restarted in a similar place.

The nfl lovers there want to bring a team? then let 'em. Just get the Argo's out before it happens. I have never believed that an nfl team in Toronto would kill the league, but it just might put the squash on the Argo's. But, if they and the former Ottawa teams are moved to more appropriate and appreciative places...then BOOM! Back up to a nine team league with a possible tenth around the corner.

And when the nfl novelty where's off in Toronto and they have NO team they'll have nobody to blame but themselves (media I mean, not the fans)

of the 30,000 people who attend argo games, 90% are wearing jerseys or shirts or hats....they arent just casual fans

Geo has a point Drummer, when Toronto does well, 30 000 people may show up wearing Argo colors, but when Toronto is having a losing season, those fans sudenly have better things to do.
Torontos attendance has always been terrible when they have a losing season.
When they are hot, the fans jump on the band-wagon, then disappear when they are cold.

I don't agree that most teams lose money. Some do mostly by choice and those are community owned teams where posting a profit is not always the best way to go. As far as the privately owned teams most make money,with the possible exception of Hamilton this season.

As far as Ottawa losing money that has a lot to do with the type of arrangement they put in place with the city for the stadium.

Those who think Ottawa is not a necessity for the league need to understand that an 8 team CFL is not good. The schedule this year was terrible and no matter what spin the league wants to put on it (using game average attendance vs totals), the league shrunk, the attendance shrunk, television viewership was down. Schedule down 9 games...10 if you count the cancellation of the Atlantic game.

League better improve its schedule this year because these six games vs the same opponent is awful and was made worse by the cheap inclusion of many back to back games. This is especially problematic where there is no natural rivalry like Winnipeg/Montreal or BC/Saskatchewan.

If your not growing your shrinking and the current ownership dosen't give me any confidence that they have any clue or consensus on how to grow the CFL.

I hope I am wrong

BB wrote:

Geo has a point Drummer, when Toronto does well, 30 000 people may show up wearing Argo colors, but when Toronto is having a losing season, those fans sudenly have better things to do.
Torontos attendance has always been terrible when they have a losing season.
When they are hot, the fans jump on the band-wagon, then disappear when they are cold.

Which is why every team needs a solid season ticket base and the Argos at 10,000 or close to that, well, ain't going to cut it. They really should be able to get a 20,000 minimum base but the problem is the Blue Jays play when the Argos do a lot of people in Toronto just want to watch a bunch of overpaid baseball players play a slow and boring game but it is the "big time" so that's what they go and watch.

I really cant for the life of me figure out why this is. I guess because Rogers owns Toronto casual sports goers willl be drawn to a Jays game because you really do see their brand all over the city.

Any casual sports fan who Ive spoken to whose been to both Argonaut & Jays games have also expressed their confusion as to why this is since they have obviously found the football to be much more entertaining. Unfortunately in terms of casual sports fans these individuals are in a tiny minority. The Jays average 20,000+ over 81 home games. The Argos 30,000 over 10. With the entertainment value of a football game and the population base, the Argos really should draw up to the capacity (44,000ish) they configure the Skydome to. If they could get their season ticket base up to that of at least Hamilton (19,000ish) they could potentially do this.

the argos had 15,000 season ticket holders this past season...not 10,000.

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I wonder if the Argos could advertise during Blue Jays games ...

And I'd bet that an NFL team in Toronto wouldn't last too long. It didn't last in a bunch of other American markets (Houston, Baltimore, Cleveland, LA ... )

Coming to the defense of the Argos here. I'm not so sure their fans are too much into the bandwagon jumping. I remember back when the Argos were really good (ie, 96-97), attendance was still pretty low - lower than today's. Even after they started getting good again, but had the old owners, attendance was low ... I really think they've turned a corner. Sure, they'll lose some fans if they start losing games, but I don't think the attendances will sink nearly as low as they were in the past (11,000 ... which makes the 18,000 or so in Ottawa not look nearly as bad).

And while the CFL can survive without Ottawa, someone brought up a good point about growth ... Ottawa should have a team.

Everyone's attendance s.ucked in the '90's.