CFL Cuts

The BC LIONS have released the following players:

Otis Amey (WR)
Josh Bean (LB)
Melik Brown (DL)
Trestin George (DB)
Darren Marquez (OL)
Mike McEachern (S)
David Mills (LS)
Kyle Mitchell (DL)
Matt Morencie (OL)
Caesar Rayford (DL)
Damian Sims (RB)

The CALGARY STAMPEDERS have released the following players:

Jackie Chambers (WR)
Matt D’Orazio (QB)
John Hashem (OL)
Anthony Ivy (DB)
Julian Jenkins (DL)
John Kanaroski (WR)
E.J. Kuale (DL)
Perry Kyles (DB)
Vincent Marshall (WR)
Scott McHenry (FB)
Cedric Thompson (RB)

The SASKATCHEWAN ROUGHRIDERS have released the following players:

Nuvraj Bassi (DL)
Todd Blythe (WR)
Jeff Bolen (K/P)
Brandon Childress (WR)
Jason Geathers (RB)
Sasha Glavic (DB)
Juan Joseph (QB)
Casey McGahee (WR)
Sam Olajabutu (LB)
David Patterson (DL)
Brandon Perkins (LB)
Brad Peters (OL)
Byron Ross (WR)
Seante Williams (DL)
Jerron Wishom (DB)

The WINNIPEG BLUE BOMBERS have released the following players:

Patrick Body (DB)
Terry Firr (WR)
Jean-Francois Morin-Roberge (OL)
Matt O’Meara (OL)
Joe Smith (RB)
Ronyell Whitaker (DB)
Thaddeus Coleman (OL)
Jasper Johnson (DB)
Nick Kordic (DB)
Montez Murphy (DE)
Chase Ortiz (DE)
Neil Ternovatsky (LB)

The HAMILTON TICATS have released the following players:

J.P. Bekasiak (DL)
Carlton Brown (DB)
Matt Castelo (LB)
Eddie Cohen (WR)
Francis Daneau (OL)
Cassidy Doneff (WR)
Brandon Guillory (DL)
Alan Harper (DL)
Sean Manning (S)
Melvin Matlock (DB)
Mike McFadden (DL)
Dan Oliphant (OL)
Desman Stephen (DB)
Jacob Willis (WR)

The TORONTO ARGONAUTS have released the following players:

Patrick Afif (OT)
Tyler Ebell (RB)
Nick Hannah (LB)
Kenny Higgins (WR)
Pete Hunter (DB)
Kevin Huntley (DL)
Ben Ishola (DE)
Sammy Joseph (CB)
Matt Lambros (WR)
Kinsmon Lancaster (WR)
Todd Lowber (WR)
Jerome Mathis (WR/KR)
David McMillan (DE)
Kenny O’Neal (WR/KR)
Zachary Pollari (OL)
Stephen Reaves (QB)
Cleannord Saintil (WR)
Gordon Sawler (OG)
Brad Smith (WR)
Da’Shawn Thomas (RB)
Chris Van Zeyl (OL)

The MONTREAL ALOUETTES have released the following players:

Blue Adams (CB)
Rodney Hardeway (DE)
Frantz Hardy (WR)
Kevin Marion (WR)
Robbie Powell (OG)
Chris Rutledge (OT)
Jay Staggs (LB)
Joshua Thompson (DT)
Jamaine Winborne (LB)

A bit surprised that the Bombers cut Whitaker and Jasper Johnson, I thought those guys were good for the secondary, espically Whitaker. And Ternovaskey over McKinaley?

....we also released Morin-Roberge as well as Trevonatsky....these guys came over from the Riders in the Goodspeed we are now left with Bowman out of that deal....unless one of these guys is on the pr....the trade was essentially ...Goodspeed for Bowman????????The huge guy Coleman was also obtained in a trade with EDM. for Amos....and now we release Coleman...These moves are questionable...UNLESS something happens with them and the pr.... :roll:

Correct me, but weren't both the head coach in SSK and Mike Kelly very high on Morin-Roberge??

My question to Bomber fans is:
How do you manage to keep all your hair in your head? I would've torn it out by now because of some of Kelly's moves.
Another question:
Do today's releases hurt the Bomber's in any way?

In all fairness Kelly did say some of their cuts would end up facing us when they were picked up by other teams; in other words they had brought a lot of talent into camp. So to see a few big names is not a total surprise. That being said I personally loved watching J. Smith play (when he did as Berry did not play him enough) and I sure hope the Giles can bring the same thing or better otherwise this move is going to look bad.

...This is a very talented team...even without Joe Smith.....I will not condemn the move by Kelly.... I may not like it a lot...but goes on....We;ll see how good (or bad) this team is when the reg.season gets underway next week...the jury awaits... :wink:

Y'know, Hamilton could make a decent team out of these cuts.

We might, I think Bellefuille will make a move on Joe Smith and Montez Murphy.

agreed pretty much on the dot with this. lots of guys with press were brought in so a few of them had to be cut. i can live with a few of these guys doing well elsewhere as long the guys they were kept over do the job. lets just hope kelly took the right guys with him.

We've said it before - Kelly is not afraid to make decisions. His success or failure will be totally as a result of the moves he has made. It is nice to see a leader who is so sure of himself and not afraid to make the tough decisions - leaders are supposed to lead and they often make decisions we may not understand or not agree with. But he is dealing with way more information that us armchair GM's. Once the regular seaons starts it should not take too long to see if he knew what he was doing. As they say at the poker table - he is "going all in"

What Mike Kelly is doing is Pistols at dawn, except in this version his opponent only get's one bullet. What Kelly is doing is putting down his guns and hoping his opponent won't get him. If his opponent misses, Kelly will beat the crap outta him. If he hits, it's nighty nighty for Kelly. He's got a 50/50 shot at being the most loved or most hated man in Winnepeg. I hope for his sake that if he want's to get out of Manitoba alive, that he suceed's.

Exactly what I think...

In other words he's hoping the Bombers stink less then the the Argos and Ticats...

So Kelly is building a team and his goal is to "stink less"? That makes no sense.

He is trying to build a winner. He is extremely confident. He wants to win it all and he thinks he can. That does not mean he is right and making the right decisions. But if he fails it is his fault and if he succeeds the same goes. But his goal is not to "stink less"

....'THEN' the Argos and TiCats......are you deliberately trying to infuriate MadJack :lol: :lol:

....right it stands....the Bombers ,Argos, and Ti-Cats will be going at it all season long to prove they are not the 'cellar dwellers'....With that in mind ...this season is going to go right down to the wire deciding which team partakes in post=season....I prefer to look at it as ,which team comes-up 'smelling like a rose' ,rather than hfxtcs' version of who stinks....There could be some surprises out of this bunch.....this is the CFL after all :wink:

Everyone's trying to prove something in '09.

Calgary's trying to prove that they have the skill to repeat as champs.

Saskatchewan is trying to prove that they still have what it takes to be the best in the west once again.

Edmonton is trying to prove that they are deserving a chance at the grey cup this year, as they have improved TREMENDOUSLY in the off-season.

B.C. is trying to prove that they still have a knack for picking up great young talent.

Winnepeg is trying to prove that Mike Kelly isn't insane and has actually done well for the team.

Montreal is trying to prove that they are still the class of the east and expect to be Champs in '09.

Toronto is trying to prove that last years hero to zero drop was a fluke and that Joeseph will be ready to go in '09.

Hamilton is trying to prove that they will not be the bottom dwellers of the CFL anymore, and that the team really has changed for the better.
Time will tell who succeeds and who fails miserably.

What I meant to say or should have said is. Kelly is so confident that no matter what he does this year he can finish ahead of Toronto and Hamilton. So he thinks he can afford to be CWAZY !

Ok…How could Kelly “honnestly” make the comments he made about Morin-Roberge when he traded Goodspeed for his rights and than :slight_smile: cut him?

He had no clue who Morin-Roberge was or what his game was like. I’m surprised how little flagelation he’s getting from fans on that one.

Bowman and Brown were also a part of that deal and they stuck, Roberge may yet be asked to stick around on the PR or something.

And Kelly isn't just trying to stay out of the basement, the crazy mofo thinks he can win, a lot.

...I expect a lot of 'growing pains' for the BigBlue in 09 .. Will we have as many 'ups and downs' as the hammer or argos???........I feel whichever team gets their stuff together first (and there's going to have to be A LOT of coming together) will emerge....On paper these clubs have strong points and weak ones....With all of the new faces (players and coaches) , it' s going to be tough to be a cohesive unit ,right off the bat...I expect the Bombers are going to have a rough ride into the first part of the year (schedule is tough) and won't get into the win column for awhile... but when they do ...look out...(unless Kelly is a super-genius and enjoys early success)....This team has the potential to become very good.....time is needed....Argos and Cats early contest, will have one or the other, send a huge message, as to which direction they're headed.....Let the games begin....Should be a great 09... :thup: :rockin:

Eskimos will pound the bombers on the 2nd