CFL Cuts

has anyone seen a list of CFL cuts? I see this site has Edmonton, Calgary, and Hamilton. How about the other teams?

Looks like a couple have been added to the list


Rider cuts...

Wow the riders have a roster just in the injuries.

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there is the latest bomber transactions

Some updates here:

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Good find, debralynn8197

Danny M gives some explanations why
Edmonton Eskimos' veterans William Loftus,
Ron McClendon and Keith Stokes were cut.

Stampeders head coach/GM John Hufnagel explains
why D-lineman Terrence Patrick, LB Trey Young
and cornerback Crance Clemons were cut.

Former Ticat Dwight Anderson won that cornerback job.

Former Ticat receiver Nate Curry was also cut

and much more.

Anyone know why R. Woods was cut by the Ti-cats?
Thought he was a lock...does the guy have prima-donna issues or something?

I find Maciocia's explanation on Loftus to be somewhat lacking. Why was he trying to relegate Loftus to the special teams in the first place? Guy is a free safety, and a good one for shaking up the opposing player; he probably wasn't prepared to survive another year in the Danny M rotating circus of players all season long....

I don't think prima donnas would accept being asked
to go through rookie camp to win a spot at Training camp
after they had been on the team the previous year.

That is what Rashaud had to do.

Unfortunately, 18 days later when cuts were made,
others receivers were considered to better fit the team.

I feel for you as an eskimo fan. As long as Dancing Danny remains in Edmonton the fans will sit and sulk.

Edmonton made some stupid cuts, but what do you expect when Maciocia is your coach and GM. I hope the fans go to the game with Fire Maciocia signs. :frowning:

Paper bags over their heads with fire Dancing Danny. But Danny M has lots of fans in every other city in the league. In Calgary we would have signs saying Dancing Danny football genius.

Expending the effort to make said signs would still be indirectly giving the guy more time than he's worth.

Let him blow the first couple games this season, and then action will have to be taken.

Yes, it seems the Eskies have been quite patient with Maciocia. Missing the playoffs two years in a row is likely to get any coach canned. Yet he keeps kickin. mean dancin'...with fairy-like moves... :lol: mean dancin....with fairy-like moves... :lol:

Now dad do not tease my northern neighbors. By the way did that red jersey fit ya.

True enough. And booing him would just be a waste of oxygen.

.....yup...and as good as the bluengold one i sent you my son... :lol: