CFL cutdown day news

Please post team cuts here.

Hamilton's roster moves:

The following 13 players have been released:

NAT – WR – Matt Uren
NAT – FB – Preston Huggins
NAT – DE – Ricky Osei-Kusi
NAT – LB – Geoff Hughes
INT – WR – Anthony McClung
INT – WR – LaQuan Williams
INT – OL – Sean Donnelly
INT – DE – Kevin Dixon
INT – DB – Chris Davis
INT – DB – D.J. Hunter
INT – DB – Cleshawn Page
INT – DB – Trey Wolfe
INT – K – Cody Mandell

The following 10 players have been added to the team’s practice roster:

NAT – WR – Matt Coates
NAT – FB – Felix Faubert-Lussier
NAT – OL – Everton Williams
NAT – DE – Everett Ellefsen
NAT – DB – Elroy Douglas
INT – RB – Ross Scheuerman
INT – OL – Xavier Proctor
INT – DT – Terry Redden
INT – DB/LB – Ellis Lankster
INT – DB – Travis Lee


Released: DL John Biewald, DL OJ Mau, FB Pier-Yves Lavergne, LB Guillame Tremblay-Lebel, DB Dior Mathis, LB Manny Rodriguez, DB Doug Moss, DL Emmanuel Graves, DL Taylor Sheridan, WR Austin Hill, OL Jermaine Barton, OL Kyle Fraser-Audit

Practice Roster: WR John Harris, DB Imoan Claiborn, DB Nick Taylor, DL Kendall Montgomery, LB Burton de Koning, WR Phillip Enchill, OL Randy Beary, LB Tanner Doll, OL Aaron Wheaton, OL Travis Greene


Tajh Boyd (I), QB, Clemson
Drew Burko (N), QB, Saskatchewan
Mikhaïl Davidson (N), WR, Montréal
Mike Davis (I), WR, Texas
Jordan Dewalt (N), DE, Duke
Dominique Ellis (I), CB, South Carolina State
Forrestal Hickman (I), OL, Missouri S&T
Mitchell Jeter (I), DT, The Citadel
C.J. Moore (I), DB, North Carolina Central
Hayden Peters (N), DB, St. Francis Xavier
Mackenzie Sarro (N), FB, Calgary
Nick Temple (I), LB, Cincinnati
Matthew Toppan (N), OL, Guelph
Jimmy Underdahl (N), QB, Calgary

Players added to the six-game injured list:
Luc Brodeur-Jourdain (N), C, Laval
Alex Charrette (N), WR, Guelph
Jonathan Crompton (I), QB, Tennessee
Andrew Lue (N), DB, Queen’s
Wayne Moore (N), RB, McMaster

Players added to the practice roster:
Martese Jackson (I), RB, Florida Atlantic
Sean Jamieson (N), OL, Western Ontario
Chandler Jones (I), WR, San Jose State
Nate Isles (I), OL, North Carolina A&T
Jared Koster (I), LB, New Mexico Highlands
Corbin Louks (I), WR, Utah
Cam McDaniel (I), RB, Notre Dame
Jonathon Mincy (I), DB, Auburn
Ramon Taylor (I), DB, Michigan
Dominique Termansen (N), DB, UBC

TORONTO – The Toronto Argonauts announced a series of transactions today:

The following players have been released:

INT RB Edwin Baker
NAT RB Dillon Campbell
NAT OL Joe Circelli
INT OL Fou Fonoti
INT DB Travis Hawkins
NAT DB Shane Herbert
NAT LS Joseph Iatzko
NAT OL Chris Kolankwoski
INT DB Jimmy Legree
NAT K Zach Medeiros
NAT WR Ryan Nieuwesteeg
INT OL Damien Parris
NAT LB Herve Tonye-Tonye
INT DL Joshua Watson
INT LB Nicholas Williams
INT DL Trevardo Williams

The following players have been added to the club’s practice roster:

INT WR Markeith Ambles
INT DL Kenny Bishop
NAT WR Kevin Bradfield
INT QB Mitchell Gale
INT RB Chad Kackert
NAT LB Curtis Newton
INT OL Devonte Wallace
NAT WR Malcolm Williams
INT WR Devon Wylie

The Saskatchewan Roughriders announced all their transactions, including injured list. Among the names released was quarterback Brett Smith and receiver Clarence Denmark.

Released: OL Kadeem Adams, DB Troy Adams, DL Tim Agbaje, OL TreVon Armstead, WR Damarr Aultman, RB Terrance Cobb, DB Victor Dean Jr., WR Clarence Denmark, DB Marquis Drayton, RB Michael Dyer, WR Qudarius Ford, LB Dillon Grondin, DB Tyree Hollins, Kyle Kawamoto, OL aaron Picton, WR Randy Roseway, LB Marte Sears, QB Brett Smith, DB Xavier Walker, DL Markus White

Practice Roster: DB Joel Brtka, DL Tony Criswell, DB Johnnie Dixon, OL Kennedy Estelle, OL Marcus Hall, OL Hasan Hazime, WR Ryan Lankformd, OL Alex McKay, LB Alex Ogbongbemiga, WR Josh Stanford

6-Game Injured List: DL Dylan Ainsworth, QB Phillip Sims, OL Jarriel King, DE Eric Norwood, OL Matt Vonk

Did the Riders switch Hazime to OL, or is that just a typo?

No typo, Hazime is listed as a DL - was switched to OL in the Rider camp.

Hazime is a very capable DL player, so they must really need help on the OL. He could be a starting DT for most teams.

Where the hell are the Eskimo cuts? 5hrs have passed since the deadline!

Perhaps in the link below could be the Eskimo cuts,


Thanks for posting what's inside my link above Grover

Sorry about that.

No problem, I kind of liked the high lighted post you put up.

Cripes, I'd take him. I can't stand O'Brien in Ottawa. I have no idea what they see in that guy.

Smith looked good in that loss at TD Place . He never quit but he seem to not be on the same page as coach Chamblin . I liked his moxie and would inspire a little more leadership than O"Brien .

It looks like all of the rosters have been updated except for the BC Lions.

Released from roster:

[b]QB Greq McGhee (I)
OL T–Dre Player (N)
WR Terence Jeffers–Harris (I)

DB Royce Adams (I)
DB Chandler Fenner (I)
WR Kendrick Ings (I)
WR Derek Yachison (N)
LB Victor Aiyewa (I)
LB Auston Johnson (N)
K/P Tiernan Docherty (I)

In accordance with CFL regulations, the club will announce its 10-man practice roster on Monday morning and declare its 46-man roster on Friday, June 24th.[/b]

The Saskatchewan Roughriders have picked up defensive lineman Ese Mrabure-Ajufo and offensive lineman Dillon Guy from the BC Lions after the pair declined practice roster assignments.

The acquisition of Brandon MacDonald is an interesting one. Released from Ottawa due to lack of discipline, but I thought he was a hell of player. It'll be interesting to see how he and Jones get along.

Two peas in a pod comes to mind. Exactly what Jones likes. (Ever heard of a second stringer by the name of "Lacey" and watch his behavior - follows the coach)

Although I have to say, Brandon managed to behave while he was here in Calgary. Maybe he realized that (with the exception of Chris Jones ...) no one else would put up with him, if he didn't get it under control? Maybe he realized that he really did want to play professional football?