CFL Curling (I mean Football) on TSN with Black and Ford!

are these guys ever dull.. boring... sleepy! YAWN...

I wish TSN for the Life of me would change them up!

actually to heck with changing, get rid of Black!

this guy is about as entertaining as watching a Curling match1

I don't understand why people don't pressure TSN into getting rid of him!

Agreed. That guy is brutal....Wait a min....he just made a pretty decent call of Cobb's TD run just know. Finally some excitement in his voice!

That game was outstanding yet the commentary was something out of the second round of an LPGA event. Cuthbert would have had the viewer at the edge of their seats with that game. Instead...

And it didn't contain an Argo

Actually, it did. From what I heard, he was talking up Arland Bruce like he was the second coming, and the reason for Hamilton's improvement.

Mind you, that's what I heard from others. I was at the game, so I didn't hear his remarks. And I would never videotape the game without the express written consent of the CFL and of TSN. :wink:

Suitor is not much better. Couldn't believe he tried to defend the SK. kick returner who made a complete mess of fielding the punt that ended in a B.C TD. " Cant't really blame him for that. It was a unlucky break " What a joke, if he stands back and lets it bounce, the TD never happens. May lose a bit of field position , but better than what happened. He should put those green pom poms down and actually use some common sense. Joe Galat was better !