CFL Coverage Sucks!

Is it just me, or has anyone noticed how bad the CBC coverage is?

I know the Lions - Argos game was a snoozer, but could Flutie be any more pathetic? His commentary is ill-timed and far too technical! And Kahari Jones needs some polishing! His timing and emphasis is off too!

And what is with the camera coverage? It was terrible!!! How long do I have to wait for a replay because the cameraman missed the live play?!!!

And the sound? Who was that dude screaming into the on field mic? And whay wasn't it corrected in the first few minutes?

By contrast, the TSN coverage is great! Its like night and day. I'm really not interested in watching another CBC broadcast until I have to at the end of the season!

ya its pretty bad :stuck_out_tongue: i was watch the game between Toronto and Winnipeg and the damn cameraman couldnt even keep the football in the screen durning a long bomb :roll: i didnt see the catch, and i had to see the catch from the endzone cameras from both ends. I heard a few swear words come from the field too :lol: so ya its bad! :wink:

The CBC needs more Walby, the guy is electric and knows the game. The CBC will be on top of the Fooball broadcast game as soon as they realize that Walby is king..

thats the funny's joke i heard in a long time :lol:

Someone had to stick up for Walby, he's been thrashed on this forum...

Chris is a friggn' story teller with a penchant for tongue twisters! C'mon, get to the point Walby!

A good commentator has to be articulate, quick whitted and able to convey the emotions of the game to the audience.

I hope CBC gets their act together!

no Flutie is ever pathetic.

Darren was a great reciever, but not so good as a commentator. Maybe these guys just need some formal training, as tv commentators!!!

As for the camera and sound. Dump the amateurs and bring in some pros for pete's sake!

Agree footballyoubet, Flutie should ask Walby for some advice on how to be quick whitted, articulate and be able to, convey emotions of the game to the audience..

Ah geez, I'd love to here that conversation!! LOL!!!! "Darren, let me tell ya bout what my grandad use to say..."

Flutie and the other guy both sucked. It was so obvious that they were pulling for the Argos. As the game progressed, they had less & less emotion in their speech, they were getting as depressed and depressing as the Argos and their fans.

If the CBC wants commentators, get some that aren't Toronto-centric. Toronto isn't the center of the f**king universe!

Call 911! Hank has been bitten by a rabid mosquito.....He's delerious... Some one help him.

Thats the first game (Toronto BC) Where I've heard the spotters voice on air as they pass the info on to the announcers.

I thought both telecast lacked.

Flutie was awful! Almost made we want Walby back...ALMOST!

Suitor ranted on and on about the helmet hits. I usually don't mind Glen but he was way out of line tonight. Showd a bit of "Homerism".

Can we do like English soccer? Scrap the colour guy and go with just the play by play?

anyone who has negative to say about Darren has no clue. Try doing the job yourself. Darren is just fine.

that cause there is never a break in the boredom for colour! It just goes on and on and on aimlessly

I'm sure Darren would be fine with some formal training. But, geez, throwing around technical terms that only football players know just won't keep people watching. Most of us are football fans, not coaches or ex-college players. Do I really need to know that the first cut on a receiving route is a hip, or an ankle or whatever Darren called it?

I'd take Darren over Suitor. I don't know how many times he needs to tell us how awesome the Rider fans are, as if it's any quieter in Edmonton or Winnipeg or just about anywhere else when their D is on the field.

Suitor, Flutie, Walby all have on air strengths, the dream team in Broadcast in my opinion would be Cutberth n Ron Lancaster, to bad Ronny is coaching, he makes a great colour guy...

I agree Hank, I forgot how good of a colour commentator Lancaster was.

khari jones is way better in his first year than darrin flutie been since commentating....