CFL coverage in the US getting better

The coverage of the CFL in the US though the Networks NBC SN and ESPN that televise or Webcast the games is getting better, at least from an ESPN standpoint.
With coverage of the saturday game on ESPN2 they acually had there own hlf time show. Be it pretty basic, one guy in the studio. That guy however did go over not only that games first half highlights and stats but the highlights and results of the three previous game that week. They did jump to some NFL news but then came back to the CFL. Even borrowing a special interview that was on TSN prior to the game with comments from the one man half time show before and after the piece.
Espn also had the two Demond Washington plays in Winnipeg both being part of its top ten plays of the day.

NBC SN, however, not so much. I watch some programming on NBS SN on a fairly regular basis and i have not heard on promo for the CFL game. Even on the NBC Sports website there is barely any evidence that they even are televising any CFL at all. They did for the first, at least the first I have seen, have a highlight package on the website of the game they televised Thursday Night at IGF.

Now that ESPN is fully engaged with showing all games via ESPN3 webcast and now some on ESPN2 will continue to improve on there CFL coverage as it continues to promote their ESPN3 webcast programming but NBC SN needs to get this going a lot better, a whole lot better. They do not even have a CFL section on the Sports website under the other category yet.

Already with just one week into the season and ESPN showing CFL games for years on ESPN2, which is now much bigger than it was back during the US expansion, just saw the first promo for the Thursday game with the Bombers visiting the Als during the ESPN2 show NFL32. :thup:

I wonder if ESPN2 has some kind of option to pick up more games after July if the ratings warrant it...that would be nice.

Also agree that NBC Sports isn't doing a great job promoting the CFL. For a network like that, having any live pro football should be a big deal. I thought the NFL Network, even though it's kind of weird from a branding persepctive to have CFL on the NFL-owned channel, did a good job and wish they had games this year. A guy can only take so many Top 10 lists.

I am guessing that ESPN owning 20% of TSN as well as taking on all CFL games live on ESPN3 already get the feeds so after a nice test drive in July and nothing to show after or before their NFL pre and Post game shows live action of the first round of CFL playoffs could be in their minds. Nothing is going to beat out the NFL ratings so why not give the CFL playoffs a shot.
with the NFL Ticket in all of the sports bars and the pre game ESPN show on before them one TV could be left on ESPN for the CFL playoffs.
CBS SN has been known to piggy back off some sports. Grabbing a package of NCAA Hockey, of course NCAA Basketball and football. The only problem as I have already checked into it is that the perfect night for CBS SN would be friday nights and Rodeo is there prime friday night programming. Not sure how well it does but it is scheduled already this far in advanced.
However they have been able to juggle game times with MLL Lacrosse and Arena Football games which are both primary saturday programming

NBC Sports Network is definitely dropping the ball from a promotion standpoint when compared to ESPN2! Having watched the CFL irregardless of which US Network airs the games I can honestly say ESPN has done the best job of showcasing the professional product TSN delivers. The games just have that big time NFL type feel to them and the ESPN halftime show adds to that.

But what I wanna know is who at ESPN2 is the Bomber fan, because they are trying hard to get me to switch my allegiances lol.

Careful what you wish for. Too much American interest depletes our talent pool.

Using CFL games as an opening act to the NFL regular season is just fine with me. While American interest is an added bonus, the CFL must remain a Canadian-driven league in order to remain culturally relevant and viable.

No Canadian wants the CFL to become an NFL minor league. We need to keep this game distinctly Canadian.

I do not think you will see that happen in fact we are seeing quite the opposite. Yes there are the Chris Williams of the World coming almost straight out of the NCAA and to the CFL but you can basically name all of those guys because there are not many.
What we are seeing is a niche of good football players who have spent there early years in the NFL but after 3 or 4 seasons or after they are out of Practice roster eligibility the NFL is set up to give space on the rosters to rookies and their just is not any room for these guys on NFL rosters.
I am talking about Korey Sheets, Chad Simpson, Pat Watkins, Joe Burnett, Fred Reid, Xavier fulton, Drew Willy, Orrin Thompson... Thats just off of the top of my head. They will not being going back to the NFL they are in their mid to late 20's in their football prime and are all part of a generation of guys who were able to catch the CFL staring with the NFL Network.
Not to mention those that slip through the cracks or have NFL red flags on them that are coming out of the Arena League now with its lower than life pay as well as the short lived UFL, Ellingston and Masoli in Hamilton, Tony Wahington in Toronto, also another OT in Toronto to look out for is Sirvincent Rogers. Big time NCAA OT. injury plaqued near the end of his NCAA years and into the pros and finally got a full healthy season under him in the Arena League and was huge in filling in for Washington in game one for the AArgos where their line was dominate.

Chris Berman is a long time Bomber fan.

NFL Network doesn't have a ton of chances to show live football.

I am quite grateful for the coverage on NBCSN/ESPN2. Saw three games already this year in Upstate NY.