CFL COUNTDOWN : Sat. NOV 19th : 7pm...est...TSN

This will be on TSN after the , CIS , PLAY OFF GAME!!!!!!!!

WATCH IT , OR DIE! :wink: :cry: :smiley:

I wish that they would show the CIS in the states. the CJFL too if they could.

Actually, It isn't on after CIS.. Sportscentre is on after CIs, and then Countdown :wink:

It is on soon!

im waiting for it!!!!!!!......sportscenter has a preview of the games, too

I like watching CFL Countdown, but they basically go over everything I've learned throughout the week for those who have trouble keeping up with news. One of the only things I've learned is that McLoughlin is supposedly playing. I hope they continue this show next year every week of the season. It would be very interesting!