CFL could face legal problems.

Here's a what if!

What if Ricky Williams blows a knee this season, and it is career ending.

With all the promises made by the CFL that Williams would return to the Dolphins for next season, I would think if Ricky has a career ending injury, then the CFL could have to Pay the Rest of Williams contract to the NFL. It would not be up to the Argo's, but the whole CFL, since they gave the promise he would return.

What do you guy's think???

...don't hit him in the knees... :?

I'm sure this has all been taken care of with the contracts signed between the Argos and Fish.

If he where to suffer such an injury, that doesn't mean he wouldn't return to the Dolphins, is just means they'd cut him as soon as they could, and he'd be owed nothing just like every other guy in both leagues who gets cut. The return to the Dolphins wasn't a promise of good health it was a promise the club wouldn't have any options on him.

Ask Mikey. he is an avid viewer of Law and Order. :smiley:

The Argos did not promise Williams would return to the Dolphins. They promised they would release him come the end of the CFL season so he could return to the Dolphins.

On the turnout of events, this may lead to the same thing. But legaly speaking, these are two different promesses.

One of the early articles on the Williams signing stated that Miami wanted an insurance policy taken out by the Argos to cover Williams' value through the remainder of his contract with the Dolphins. I wonder if that was put of the deal in the end.

The whole two Contracts, Two leagues thing is enough to make some lawyers lick their chops...

I would like to see the contract that Ricky did sign. All of it...
But like a requested government document, most of it would be blacked out.. :roll:

It would be interesting to see what the whole deal is though, for real... unless the Fin's don't count on Ricky ever quiting the Weed. I would think they would expect their boy to come back to Miami, fit as a fiddle, or be compensated. Remember Ricky still owes the Fin's millions.

So, Why are we wasting space speculating on something nobody knows anything about? Further, what right might we have to request to see the contract between a player and the league? Rest assured that the injury thing has been looked after and that the league is covered. They do have lawyers too!

Discussing football is much more fun.

Let me take out my Law 101 textbook. Lets see, this scenario couldn't fall under contract law because there is no contract between the CFL and NFL with respect to Williams. A promise is not a contract.

However, if the Argos gave the Fins some "valuable consideration" in order to sign Williams, it might be a different story. In this case the contract would be between the Argos and the Fins, not the CFL and the Fins. But I can't imagine the Argos being so stupid as to have done that - at least not this ownership group.

I doubt that it could fall under Tort Law either as this would not apply to Williams any more than any other player before who had a career ending injury during a game.

So I don't think the CFL has anything to worry about.

:lol: :lol: :lol: SLOW DOWN BUDDY :lol: :lol: :lol:

I’m not requesting to see any contracts, besides my own. This was all a what if. My point was, well you can read, Err, umm, maybe not! Just relax, settle down and take a deep breath and say " This is CFL talk, This is CFL talk"

Here is another scenario for you to consider. What if Williams decides he likes it up here enough and purposely fails a drug test so he can stay up here. It may be suicide for him financially to do that, but there is a slight possibility it could happen.

Marty York reports that If it was a career ending injury to Mr. Williams, the league would give him 85% ownership of the Ottawa Renegades as compensation. :smiley:

he's made it quite clear he isnt all about the money...

You're right CFL. This is about the CFL Talk. No offence intended!

If Williams failed a drug test on purpose, he wouldn't be playing in the CFL or anywhere else. This really is his last chance Sambo. I've been at odds with you over the Williams debate, but if he fails again, then I'd wave goodbye to him as well.