CFL contracts such a ripoff for players

Boy , the CFL players are getting shafted. Players sign big 3 year deals for say 400 k a year . What the team does is backend the deal Like pay the guy 250 in the first year 350 in the next and 600 in the last year. So unless the player is a superstar , he will likely never see the 1200. He would be released or asked to restructure his deal in the 2knd or third year. We are seeing this with Collaros being owed 540 k in his last year and Jennings. Both have been asked to restructure their deals to be payed much less and if they don’t they’d be released. Now that Sask is paying Collaros alot and BC have decided to pay Jennings that means they have both decided not to pay big bucks like 600 k for Reilly. It makes me think the Argos will spend the big bucks to get Reilly. Edmonton may not feel he is worth it as they didn’t make the playoffs or even cross over with him at the helm. Scott Milanovich will be OC for the Jacksonvill Jags. I wonder if he would give Bo Levi or Reilly a shot at least a backup role as he has seen how goid they can be and consistantn

Perhaps someone can explain. How is it that at the direction of the league players are not being paid their bonus which is part of their contract. What am I missing?

I believe the league is employing the tactic known as "If you don't like it, try to sue me."

I had to check the date on this post to make sure it wasn’t an old thread from early 2018 being revived.

Collaros and Jennings being asked to restructure, you say. Hot off the presses.

I havent seen anything that says players arent being paid bonuses, but just for a bit of clarity, bonuses are there to protect the players. If someone is due a $125k roster bonus on March 1st and they're cut afterwards, they still get their bonus money and now have an opportunity to play for another team and get paid by another team. If players are being cut prior to bonuses being due, they still have every opportunity to sign with another team. Without this setup, players could get cut right before season starts and be stuck for weeks/months without a paid roster position. Teams need to essentially decide early if guys are going to be on their roster or not and if they're going to cut them post-bonus then they have to eat that cap space which is not ideal.

Article above doesn't make it clear whether it only applies to bonuses in new deals, or if it also applies to bonuses already agreed to in current contracts.

Ah! Thanks for the share, makes more sense now.

It is unfortunate but it is called business...and in a perfect world they should get everything...but football is a business and unless you want a $5000 season ticket price or a simple game pass @ $500 the accountants must take over...hell, it's still a game.

Remember when Durant pulled the reverse stunt on the Bombers? ;D

Definitely need a real shark as your agent in this league.