CFL contract guarantee dates

Key Dates

[Labour Day is] a very important time of year for
veteran CFL players as well as team general managers.

CFL contracts aren't guaranteed,

which usually means when a player is released
he stops being paid by his club.

However, there are guaranteed dates
as per the CFL's collective bargaining agreement

that do give a player the luxury of knowing

he will be paid for the rest of the year even if he's cut.

For players who've played six or more years,
their salary is guaranteed following
the ninth regular-season game.

The guarantee date for

a five-year veteran is after 10 games

while a four-year veteran's contract becomes
guaranteed after the 11th regular-season contest.

The contracts of all other players
are guaranteed after the 14th game.

CFL teams will all play their ninth games
of the '08 season on the Labour Day weekend.

Teams can still release players
after the guarantee dates but

the remainder of their salaries
would still count against the salary cap,

along with that of the players' replacements.

The CFL will conduct off-season
audits of its member teams.

Those surpassing the $4.2 million cap

will be fined or lose draft picks,
depending on how much they've overspent.

Last year, the Montreal Alouettes and Saskatchewan
Roughriders surpassed the salary cap.

Both were fined but the Als also
lost an '08 first-round draft pick.

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