CFL considers changing OT

Dumbest rule EVER!


[i]The CFL may have a new overtime format heading into the 2010 season.

The league's rules comittee has recommended a new system in which teams that score a touchdown in overtime be required to attempt a two-point conversion, as opposed to kicking an extra point.

The proposal will be presented to the league's Board of Govenors, who will make the final decision in the Spring. [/i]

sheesh, what a pointless change

Exactly! It's change for the sake of it. Here's hoping it gets axed real quick. :roll:

This is ridiculous! OT was totally fine the way it was. The only thing some people were saying is that it was a little too easy to score, so move the ball back 10 or 20 yards to start the possession.

Its not like 50 games a year were going into OT and then took 8 possesions to determine a winner. Give me a break. I'm really dissappointed this is the best the CFL could come up with.

And what was the point in asking the fans for input? I';m on this board every day and I never once saw anyone make this suggestion.

Keep the system exactly the way it is. I remember the Als and Esksgoing into triple Otime- great.

Exactly! :thup:

The CFL managed somehow to come up with a proposal that is worse than not doing anything at all, which of course still sucks. :thdn:

OT needs to be changed, but not like this.

make teams kick-off to eachother so we get to see kick returns.

yeah, a kickoff shoot out.

start with 11 players aside and each team kick off once. If neither team scores, or boths team score, then go to 10 players, then 9, and so on and so on and so on :rockin:

Sounds similar to the "stitched on" white football stripes they tried for one season. :roll:

Love the comments by Higgins...

[i]"The rules committee decided that the two point convert will make an exciting approach to overtime even more exciting, with a pass or run with the game potentially on the line replacing a kick that has become relatively routine," said CFL Director of Officiating Tom Higgins in a media release.

"What's also exciting is the committee has again listened to our fans, and heeded their advice."[/i]

I don't see this making the game more exciting; I see it making it worse. And how did they listen to the fans? Like Yukoner said, the vast majority of the suggestions posted on here were about moving the line of scrimmage back to the 45 or 50.

The CFL is completely off on this one...

Someone wake me up from this horrible dream! :o

Does the CFL normally act as aloof as the snoots in suits in the NFL in Manhattan in not listening to fans?! :frowning:


Sheesh. I don't know where to start. Although the current OT format is not perfect, this sounds more like a solution in search of a problem.

Must have been all the NFL only / MLS fans stuffing their in-box with this lame idea. :roll:

Listened to the fans. Yeah right. First of one had a problem with the existing OT. A few of us provided some ideas for tweaks once they brought it up for us to comment on, but NO ONE, not a single fan on the CFL Fan Forum EVER brought up this stupid idea.

Again, I could see if there was an inordinate number of OT games, and those games were going on and on and causing problems for TV or something. But this is not the reality the CFL is dealing with. This is very ill thought out and kind of insulting to CFL fans who said to the CFL...ok we don't really have an issue with OT, but sure, if you're going to tinker...maybe push the ball back 10-20 yards...or do a kickoff.

I'm open to changes that improve the integrity of competition or changes that simplify the game. This does neither. It is pointless and I hope the BOG shoots it down.

I think this is the stupidest rule change proposal I have ever heard.

The proposed rule change is absolutely BRILLIANT. No sarcasm-- I love it. :smiley:

Point after kicks were automatic. 2 point attempts are not. Teams are more likely to stop a running or passing play than a special teams kick.

This increases the drama substantially. :thup: :thup: :thup: :thup: :thup: :thup: :thup:

I agree, I think it does add to the overtime excitement. But they should be looking at moving the ball back 10-15 yards as well as others have said.

Quote from Tom Higgins...

"What's also exciting is the committee has again listened to our fans, and heeded their advice."

I have heard a lot more fans asking for CFL to modify rules to promote the development of Canadian QBs than to change the convert in OT.

From the article on website...

"It is recommending another change which would allow a team that gives up a field goal (during regulation time) the option of scrimmaging from its 35-yard line instead of receiving a kick-off."

Isn't that reverting back to what it was two years ago???? the fans had suggested that CFL modify this to get more kickoff returns, therefore more excitement.

Ugh, this is not a great idea at all. To me this seems like just trying to change something for the sake of changing it. If there was actually a rational decision behind it, then I can understand but it seems just like a gimick change.

Actually, making them kickoff after every field goal was the stupidest.

A rule that thankfully only lasted one year.

[url=] ... float.html[/url]
It is recommending another change which would allow a team that gives up a field goal (during regulation time) the option of scrimmaging from its 35-yard line instead of receiving a kick-off.

The committee decided to suggest changing the current rule, which requires a kick-off after a made field goal.

The rules committee is also recommending no penalty for pass interference be applied if a forward pass is deemed uncatchable.

It is also proposing that, when a ball is punted, hits the ground and hits a player from the covering team, the resulting penalty be reduced from fifteen to five yards.