CFL considering expanding video review by adding official


The new set up would see a third member added to the crew under the title of Video Review Official. This former or current referee would work as an extra set of eyes and communicate with the on-field crew to discuss penalties and other facets of the game which do not fall under the umbrella of challengeable calls.

The CFL’s football operations department has reviewed video from last season and found more than 150 penalties that should not have been called. One way the CFL is looking at eliminating many of these errors is with the new video official, who would have access to all broadcast camera angles and the benefit of an all-24 angle view that shows every player on the field.

The goal is to have the video referee participate within the flow of the game, leading to fewer incorrect decisions on the field and a reduction of incorrect penalty calls.

The theory here is that this would help get rid of calls that shouldn't have been made, and the article also mentions they found 150 of those last year.

Obviously would be a good thing but I'm sure cost could be an issue with adding an extra official.

150 penalties that could be eliminated !

Excellent . Get er done . Hopefully we will see something like the World Cup Rugby tech skills . It should make the game more pleasurable to watch if done right .

That's nearly two bogus penalties a game. :thdn:

I think this is a great idea as long as it doesn't significantly slow down the game.

Once again the CFL is more innovative than the NFL! WTG :rockin:

It still will be delaying the game as the officials will need to explain why a call was not made. The CFL officials need to be more consistent in the calls is what is required. That goal will be difficult at best because of the human element of having a different opinion on the call. So for one ref it may be PI and for another it is not and that is the way it is. Although how many times have we seen a flag and the ref goes on the mike and says there was no call. This with the extra ref may work.