CFL considering changes to ratio rules?

Apparently the CFL is considering changing the ratio rules in order to create incentives for teams to carry a Canadian QB

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I just don’t want to see the CFL team have a Canadian QB because they feel sorry for them.

Personally, I want the Best QB you can find, no matter where he’s from…

if the Canadian can beat out an American strictly based on skill and intelligence, so be it!

but I don’t want him taking the spot of another QB based on the fact he is Canadian.

he should have to earn his spot and beat out someone for the job, not be given it because he’s a Non Import.

The Canadian Football League is considering changing a key rule [b]to create incentives for teams to carry Canadian quarterbacks, without making it mandatory...[/b]
it's right there on the first line..

and it's probably just letting them count as non-imports if they are non-imports, which is exactly how it should be anyway.. there's no good reason you shouldn't be able to use a Canadian QB as a non-import if you have a good Canadian QB.

That's exactly the same argument that cfl detractors say about the ratio in general, never mind just quarterbacks. I personally disagree with it as it applies to the league in general, as I believe it is a small price to pay to keep the game uniquely Canadian. So it would be hypocritical of me to then turn around and say "but it should not apply to qbs".

As I've mentioned before, I see it like CanCon in the music industry. While some were vehemently against it when it came in (like Randy Bachman), no one can now deny that it has had a huge impact on getting Canadian artists out of the bars and onto the airwaves and launching Canadian artists internationally. To make a place for Canadian QBs in the CFL is the same thing to me. If we only look at the here and now and base our policies on what is not there, it will never get better.

Thank you legalbeagle ! This exactly what I was trying to say in the other thread, but you said it more gooder than me !

Very well said legal without a doubt. :thup: :thup:

Of course some people will never have the intelligence nor respect for Canada as a Canadian citizen to see this line of reasoning but of course they will love to stay in this country and extract what they can from the country.

Spare me the thinly veiled jingoist 'love it or leave it' crap.

The CFL and CFLPA need to get this run changed ASAP. Canadian QB's should count as non-imports. In fact I would love to see a QB spot mandatory for Canadian QB in five years. and then mandatory for a Canadian QB starter in 10 years. We need to put the Canadian back into the Canadian Football league.

The future of this league is with the Canadian Stars not the 90 best ranked QB.

hell no. you cannot start making it mandatory for a Canadian Starter QB.

that's complete BS.

you play the best QB you can find, none of this "start a Canadian QB" just so t at we have a Canadian QB starting.

if I were the coach for any of the teams I would want the best QB I can get starting for my team. IF that guy happens to be a Canadian? great! if not, that's just how the cookie Crumbles ladies and gentlemen!

Spare me the thinly veiled jingoist 'love it or leave it' crap.

Not saying that discipline, of course Canada has warts and problems. But sometimes you have to stand up for putting the C in Canada, we are a small country population wise and have a huge neighbour. I can't stand people who basically crap all over Canada for having some rules that protect Canadiana culture but are happy as hell to take everything from this country and give little back. There are people like that who live here and I've met some. That's all I'm saying.

Something in the back of my mind tells me that the reason the QBs were not included in the import ratio was to encourage teams to sign Canadian QBs. I think the reason was along the lines that if a team had a starting Canadian QB but had to replace him with an import QB during a game, the team then had to replace some other import player with a Canadian player. I think it also had to do with the DI rule as it was defined at the time, which (I think) forced teams with Canadian starting QBs to make their backup QB their DI. Either the DI rules have changed significantly since then or I totally misunderstood the rule at the time.

Anyway, I totally support the intent of this proposed rule change, and hope they consider the scenario of a starting Canadian QB and not just a backup.

but it will lower the quality of our game if you put a Canadian QB into start just cause of some rule.

It's way too simple. 20 Non-imports, 22 Imports on your gameday roster. From that you need to designate 2 players as "Quarterbacks" just like you designate 3 imports as your designated imports.

I don't buy for a second the argument teams will compromise the integrity of the position by having a Non-Import just sit on the bench holding a clipboard for the sole purpose of adding one more import on special teams.
If you know anything about the CFL, you know that you're only one hit away from your backup and two away from your 3rd string quarterback. Usually the 3rd string role is reserved for a young up and coming QB who will eventually take over. No good team is going to have an incompetent N/I if he cant play.

which is why they don't do it.

no coach in their right mind is going to put a Canadian QB at 3rd string if he isn't really ready to play IF need be.

cause what happens if both QB's .. like in Winnipeg at the end. go down for the season and now you have the 3rd QB who is basically a green rookie?

you're going to go and rely on a Guy who is truly not ready to play to win you a game? ya right :roll:

may as well get your desk cleaned out and ready to go before the game.

Sure it's a long-term thing, just like CanCon didn't show "results" in its first 5-10 years. I'm not sure I would go so far as to enforce "starters" in 10 years either, but I do agree that there has to be a long-term strategy. Not all "affirmative action" programs or policies work but this is one that I think would go a long way to achieving the desired result, which I define as eventually having one or more Canadians starting at qb.

While Barker's suggestion is a step in the right direction, I would float a different solution:

1.make an optional 43rd roster spot that can only be filled by a Canadian quarterback.
2. teams don't have to use it if they don't want to or don't consider that they have a prosect worth putting effort into
3. the salary of the 43rd spot is exempt from SMS - teams can pay them what they want or whatever the market dictates, subject to the CA minimum (which is what I expect would be paid in most cases in most years for a long while)
4. the ratio for the other 42 is completely untouched - it stays as it is.

This way, if there are only, say, six true prospects, only six teams will have a 43rd roster spot used. It doesn't affect the CMS so teams won't use that as an excuse to not have the Cdn QB on the roster. Teams who do may have a "spare" spot if they ony carry 2 "other" qbs compared to teams that carry 3 "other" qbs, but that is exactly the incentive to go out and find yourself a Cdn QB. If they want to carry a 3rd "other " qb despite having a Cdn qb in the 43rd spot, they are free to do so if they are so afraid that that the Cdn they carry is just not ready in the worst case scenario (starter and backup go down). But having the dedicated roster spot for a Cdn qb gives something for up-and-comers to realistically achieve. No team is "forced" to carry a Cdn qb and no one is certainly forcing them to be starters - if one becomes a starter, that is how the policy will be measured and how I would define the "success" of it.

There are cons to my proposal for sure - and there is probably a con or two that I am not considering - but that's what I would do in the short term if I was the Commish.

Who are you trying to fool, they do it with Imports all the time and not just at the QB position.

Fact is there are Non Import QB,s who could be good or even Great if given an equal opportunity!

that's where you're dead wrong.

there are not.

you name me 3 and I'll show you footage that can show otherwise.

It still boggles my mind what Russ Jackson did in the CFL coming out of Canadian University football from a rather small university at the time, McMaster. I don't know his university numbers but I tend to think that he wouldn't have been given a chance in the more modern CFL for a few reasons. Of course this could be disputed, I don't have enough knowledge to know of the specifics of the Jackson case, if you will. But it is very interesting what he accomplished in the league.

In no way would I support starting a Canadian QB if he's not the best available QB on the team. My point was that if someday a Canadian QB happened to be the best QB a team had, as in another Russ Jackson came along, then that team should not be penalized if they needed to replace him for some reason in a game, by having to switch out an import at another position for a Canadian backup just to keep the ratio. That was the reason, if I'm not mistaken, that QBs were originally removed from the import restriction.

This suggestion has a lot of merit, IMO. It gets around the one downside of Barker's suggestion: the possibility that teams would dress some crappy NI as a third-stringer, with no intention of ever playing him, simply so they could have an extra import elsewhere on the roster.