CFL Connect game

Hey guys, who saw the add for that game CFL Connect on the CFL front page, I played it last week and it was a blast. I normally just follow NFL, but my cousin plays for Hamilton, so I decided to pick it up to follow his games since they were on taped delay in the US. It was fun so I am going to do it again today, find me on the friends I need 20 friends for some free tokens. Seth James


This is a cool game I have played it all season, I am a big NHL Connect player. Has absolutely the best gamecast on the market.



I downloaded this on my phone and totally forgot about it. If the riders weren't in the gc I'd give it a try tonite.

yeah Jman, it a cool game, I like just using the chat to talk CFL during the game.

Next season I will make sure to try it out.

Guys, there is a celebration Rider party in the Chat room at CFL Connect, I need some Cat fans to come help me in here!!!!