CFL confirms Edwards' reduced suspension, new code of conduct

TORONTO — Toronto Argonaut defensive back Chris Edwards has now served a three-game suspension for his role in an altercation with a fan following the 2021 Eastern Final, the CFL has confirmed.

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An over reaction by the CFL. I remember when the Boston Bruins' legendary Terry O'Reilly climbed over the glass at a hockey game to fight with a fan. He hit the guy with his shoe. That stuff is epic!
Edwards never did anything to merit so much fuss, but the Woke CFL has to make the proverbial "Mountain out of a mole hill".

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I do remember O’Reilly climbing into the stands, but believe it was Mike Milbury who is responsible for the shoe whipping. It’s a good thing he didn’t wear high heels or he could have done some serious damage. All of that right out of Slapshot.


How come the CFLPA gets to weigh in on what the code of conduct shall be for the players but the fans don't get a say in the code of conduct for fans?

I fully agree that Fans MUST behave when they attend any event. Just because they pay for a ticket does not give them the right to act disrespectful to the players or other fans. I think a sign should be put up at every stadium warning everyone that not behaving will result in ejection with possible legal charges and perminent banning from the establishment.
Having said all that, and to answer your query ! The players are professionals and must always act as professionals on and off the field. To do otherwise could create harm to the whole sport. A sport they have chosen to earn a livelihood for themselves, their families and their fellow players !

The bigger question is why were there fans there? I understand all that but fans in places where they can get in altercations with players is just wrong to start with.

Yes players need to be professional but it's a "the two should never meet" thing.

We used to always have some drunk idiot get on the field and run around until one year the coach told the players to take them down. After Pless clotheslined one idiot it seemed to seriously curb the enthusiasm of other idiots

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I was being slightly facetious, but my point was that the players got to have a say in how their own behaviour is governed, while the fans did not. Your idea of a sign is interesting, but what really is missing in this article is exactly that: what exactly are the standards we fans are meant to live up to? Not a word here. Another website printed them out and while I agree with most of them, the wording on one is a bit too vague for my liking. (See, if we fans had a say, the wording would be better!)
Over-intoxication or other signs of alcohol or substance impairment
Over-intoxication - you bet! But "other signs of impairment"? That's pretty vague! Seems to open the door for kicking out any over-exuberant fan.

As a fan you can always blame it on the establishment for being over served.

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Anywhere opposition players move inside a facility should be separated from fans to the point someone would have to climb barriers, fences etc to come in contact - plain and simple.

Any gate or barrier that is not tall enough or secure enough, should result in a fine etc. to the operator of the venue. When you create a situation where fans and players interact you are going to have trouble. In my mind it would come down to due diligence.

Did the home team/home venue do everything they could to prevent the situation?
If not then despite the fact it was wrong by the player, the mistake was made long before that.

This is part of why I really don't like the trend to both benches on the same side of the field. Some day, we are going to have a near riot and the dopey league will go "that should never have happened" when in fact they offered a golden ticket for it to happen.

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Agree with you on the benches.

There was a lot of talk and maybe even a thread on the confrontation at BMO after the Eastern Final. Lots of video and even pictures and drawings of the configuration of the stadium and suggestions for further avoidance. I don’t know if you followed those last fall but I am sure you can still find them if interested.

I watched this altercation several times - it was a "non-event" - the player over reacted to a teasing fan, but there was no physical contact nor harm done to either. I'm not an Argo fan for sure - but the CFL has become very punitive towards players - from fining them for minor offences to posting their names to inflict shame. I agree that more control must be shown by the players when dealing with fans - but how is the CFL punished for having a ridiculous and unsafe route for the players after the game? If the CFL had done their job none of this would have happened. Time for Ambrosie to step up.

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That's the problem. Both the league and the home team should have stepped up and said "that shouldn't happen".

But it's way easier to put it all on the player..........

No it's OK. Teams have traditionally used opposite sides of the stadium for exactly the reasons mentioned.
When the inevitable happens the league will take their usual stance and blame players until a club sues the league - which will end up in a settlement because it will be a slam dunk - Due Diligence means you did everything you could to prevent it and the league is doing nothing to prevent it.....