CFL Competition?

Not about the NFL!

In the last 2 years we've seen and heard about all that is the Toronto FC,with the Argos wanting(?) to move to BMO feild and the FC's fans so aganist it it leads me to think this..........................

With possible expansion to the MLS in Mon.(almost gauranteed to be in 2011 or 12) and in Van. could that be a real problem for the Lions Als and Argos,ironicly Van and Mon are impoving/building both cities soccer and football stadiums as of now,but the question is will more fans become"soccer holligans" and trade in there CFL jerseys for Billboards.....err i mean soccer jerseys?

or is it no big deal?

Well, I can't really speak for others, but it'll be a cold day in hell before I choose soccer over football.

Soccer: Teams battle to a 0-0 tie, then the fans beat each other up, then burn down the thanks!!!

Why are CFL fans so afraid that anything new will be the death of the league?

This is an interesting question. Unlike the US where gridiron football is so huge and well established with the mighty NFL at the helm and college football so big, this isn't exactly the situation in Canada. Sure the CFL has a long history and is on pretty decent footing right now and quite stable. But the growth of soccer as a spectator sport here is easier to do I think than in the US and I think the MLS is starting to recognize this.

However, I don't think the CFL has a lot to worry about, basically 2 different fan sets. Although, who knows at some point decades from now if the Grey Cup will be played for soccer style. Hey, it's all football guys when you get down to it, eh? Gridiron developed from both rugby and soccer afterall.

This is why all CFL fans should respect the NFL and football in the US, it actually helps the CFL and gridiron in Canada. Without the NFL and gridiron so big in the US, the CFL wouldn't stand a chance, I don't think, of surviving as gridiron in Canada and gridiron is a more entertaining form of football to me than soccer. There's a reason why Harvard wanted to play McGill and their rugby style of football back in the 1870's, they found soccer to be a tad monotonous. Couldn't agree more.

I hear a tiddlywinks league is coming. That will surely kill the cFL!
I mean if the CFL has survived going head to head with the powerful NHL in CAnada, why should it fear anything else?
And about the NFL making the CFL popular in this country?
Gee, isn't the CFL older then the NFL? And hasn't Canadian football been around for like 80 years. I guess you give credit to a foreign country for making our football popular in our own coutnry. I say maybe we've made the CFL popular in our own coutnry?

What I'm saying berezin is that the NFL helps keep overall interest in football. yes, the CFL does to some extent on it's own but when you have soccer gaining in popularity, if the CFL or Canadian football was left out on it's own with no gridiron in the US and where soccer was huge, then I think that this could impact football here. Does this make sense? The NFL generates a lot of interest in football period, both sides of the border and this only helps gridiron football overall and the CFL is gridiron football. I don't see this as too difficult to understand.

My question is this: Is the soccer growth in popularity due to an increased interest from people born in Canada or from a ready made market with people who have immigrated in the past generation from soccer-crazy countries?

It would seem to me that cities with heavy immigrant populations would be ready made markets for soccer without taking anything away from the CFL.

I take Winnipeg as an example. Youth interest in soccer has skyrocketed over the past 10 years but for my son and a lot of his friends there is no interest in watching soccer. They play it but they would rather watch football. My son's perspective (which he says a lot of his friends share) is that soccer is a great game to play but dull to watch.

Just a thought.

The CFL has never really competed with the NFL or NHL,They play in the fall (NHL playing in Fall Winter,Spring) but MLS is the same season.

So basicly if Joseph and David Boston can wow ppl in TO. and they suck,then the Argos will see a slow death with having the Jays and FC in the Summer and the Bills,Leafs,and Raps for the reast of the year,the fans can say screw the argos

and why does Toronto support the FC so much,Americans hate soccer :wink:

Because most people on here seem to be deathly afraid of any competition at all.

What!? The CFL has to compete? OMG!!! Sound the alarm!

I agree. Even though we have a large amount of kids playing soccer, it wont hurt the Lions. Soccer is not much of a spectator sport out here. 4-5000 tops right now.

Only in England! :lol: :lol: :lol:

America: Hey Toronto i hear your getting real big into Soccer

Toronto: Yeah,its it all the rage in Eurpoe

US: Europe!,ithought you wanted to be america!, i should of knowed when i watched a raptors game and i couldn't pronounce over half the names on the team!

TO: NO daddy! we still want to be american,we just like Futball

US: you mean "Soccer"

TO: yea.......whatever

US: No, listen Toronto,you wantned to be american so we helped you out,first we made Hockey cool here and our ppl started to realize your "Maple Leafs"

TO: yes daddy and we thank you

US then we gave you are beloved baseball and TWO world series!

TO: yes daddy, and thank you

US: then we gave you basketball

TO: yes daddy we love are Raps

US: then we give you the NFL games once a year


US: and as soon as Ralf Wison dies, and you build a multi million dollar stadium for a team that will be like your Jays,you know a OK team that will never win because it has to compete with New York and Boston,you know like the Blue Jays

TO: i know daddy,we can't wait

US: so if you want that team you better be like us and hate soccer

TO: So unless there kicking Field Goals no more balls touching feet,right?

US: yes

TO: And daddy

US: yes

TO: Now can we be part of the United States?,we'll be just another city in the state of New York if you want

US: Okay, as long as you bring Don Cherry with you,he makes those pesky hockeyy ppl on ESPN nut themselfs

Millions of kids play Soccer here in the states, yet, On the Pro. level they can't even fill 20,000 seat stadiums. It's just not a popular game to watch in North America

Not even close in my opinion, the soccer crowd is mainly young and somewhat of ethnic origin......aka as the hooligan sect and made famous by the English denomination.

Soccer is pretty big out west. In fact, a buddy of mine is still playing semi-pro and he's over 40.

At the same time, MLS will not impact the CFL out here...the fans are just different.

Agreed hwgill, lots of kids playing, but really not a spectator sport. What do the Whitecaps get????? 5-6000???

But thats all there stadium fits though. :wink:

Sad but true isn’t it?!

the white caps are different because they're A league soccer aren't they? Expecting them to draw the crowds MLS in Toronto does is unfair because of the difference in skill. That would be like someone expect the Toronto Marlies to draw the same crowds as the Leafs