I have lived in Winnipeg for 40 years and know exactly how this city cuts corners and builds things as cheap as possible.
That is why I am asking you, Mr Cohen, to over see the plans for the new Winnipeg Stadum for the purpose of saving the Winnipeg Blue Bombers.
Here is why:
The City of Winnipeg already dropped the ball when the tore down a bigger arena that was stucturally sound to build this cramped MTS centre that already has cracks in its floor.
Instead of building a real arena that meets all standards, they cut corners leaving us very disappointed with what is called the MTS centre. This kind of mentality should not exist with our stadium.
The MTS centre has: (pictures to prove my case will be posted when I can get them off of my phone.)
-Cramped Seating. ( I am a short guy and my knees hit the seat in front of me. I feel sorry for tall people)
-Obstructed view:a)If 2 people of average size sit in front of you it blocks 50%-70% of the rink.
b)Every opening of the lower bowl has a stair railing that blocks out half of the rink.
-Overcrowded walkways to bathrooms and concessions: It is sad but their is a lack of bathrooms and hardly any room to walk in those hallways.
-No room for expansion: Sad that the old arena was bigger than this little building. Old 15556. New 15010. Sad eh.
And they actually think that a NHL team will survive here?

We can not cut corners on this new stadium.
Winnipeg Blue Bomber fans who pay top dollar do not want to be chased away with a stadium that is unfit for football.
Cutting corners bring big problems. We need room actually be conformable in our seats that we paid good money for plus we need to see the game.
Remember when watching the game, we are looking down at a field. We do not want to look down and see the back of someone's head like at the MTS centre.
I know you read this Mr Commissioner. Please take this post into consideration. I would hate to see fan support dwindle because of a poorly build stadium.

his name is COHON... not COHEN...

sorry but as a moose season ticket holder i can only partially agree with you, the sightlines are not bad... only once or twice when some freakishly tall person sat infront of me could i not see the ice.. ive been to many rinks and it is the same anywhere you go... you cant control that... the building would get too high and the upper sighlines would suck more overall if they raised the rows too much...

yes the concession area is small, so are the washrooms. but the only way they got the arena in the first place was by placing it downtown... this was the best location, and they only had so much space to work with, otherwise theyd still be playing in the old subpar barn. ive been to sold out games and yes its annoying how hard it is to move around, but again many large rinks have this issue... it would have been different if they had a huge open lot somewhere to build it in

the mts centre has brought many acts and performances/shows into winnipeg and has helped out downtown business so much... and is still usually reviewed as one of the better arenas in north america (mostly cause its so new)... its a beautiful facility... they did the best with what they had, lots of time and planning went into the rink...

i do agree that with the stadium they need to plan it carefully tho... they have a big site and plenty of room to really make it good... we'l have to wait and see and hope... but i think it will turn out good

Beerbarons, how many games did you go to at Winnipeg Arena? They could have spent $100 million renovating that building and it still would have been a crappy building. The site lines were terrible especially in the upper decks where you couldn't see part of the ice closest to the boards on the side you were sitting on. Well over 50% of the seats in the Arena were obstructed view in one way or other. The bathrooms and concession areas were bad. Not to mention the rats in the basement.

And you seem to be the only person I've heard say they were disappointed in the MTS Centre. Other than some wishing it had a larger seating capacity, I've not heard anyone complain about the building.

The MTS Centre is one of the busiest arenas in North America and the world (in 2008, in terms of ticket sales it was ranked 19th busiest venue in the world but those figures don't include tickets sold to sporting events - 11th in North America - 3rd in Canada after Air Canda Centre and Bell Centre).

As for the stadium, perhaps you should wait until there is an actual announcement of what is planned before jumping to conclusions.

I have been to hundreds of games at the old Winnipeg Arena and my point was not to praise the old arena but to blast the city for building the MTS centre at bare bottom costs.
The reason why the MTS centre gets more acts is because it does not have the same bullheaded managment that the old Arena had. (Winnipeg Enterprises)
Yes the old Arena was not perfect but my point is that this new Arena has more problems than the old one.
In the old one the seats where steeper and you could actually see the game if someone sat in front of you.
And the site at the Eatons building is a horrible location. The block was way to small for a arena that is more cramped than the old one.
The Arena should have been at the Manitoba Gardens location which is behind the convention center and is still open land.
Understand that I had the prints for the MTS centre in my hand and was in there to help build it for a while and it was build bare bottom.
I go to Junior games to get my hockey fix and even the smaller rinks you can see the games if someone sits in front of you. (Selkirk Steelers,ect)
Oh yes the old arena was a eye sore but it did the job for its time. This new arena can be is horrible.
The point that I am making is that Winnipeg CAN NOT make this same mistake twice.
This new stadium can not be cramped, and our view can not be obstructed.

2 things that I will point out that are fact are these:
The old Arena the steats and stairs were steeper so you can see over the persons head in front of you and the seats were less cramped than the MTS center.
Can West Ball Park is a excellent stadium and done properly. MTS Center with the cracks on the floor is done poorly.
Lets do the stadium right.

really a non issue here, the mts centre was built on a tiny site, it was gonna be cramped, but we needed it.. your the first person ive ever heard with a bad opinion, its a beautiful, and very functional venue, and will continue to help the city for many years to come..

the stadium doesnt have the obstacle of being tight on space, it has all the space it could dream of, im sure they will build it big enough so even the "crazies"like you wont complain about leg space or sightlines... which were highly over exagertaed in the first place

Just to be clear, the city did not build the MTS Center. They had to approve the plans (as they must do with EVERYTHING that is built within the city) but they did not design or build the arena.

I have been to games at both MTS Center and CanWest Global park and both venues have somewhat restricted seating for people with long legs. That is simply the only way to get enough seats into a stadium. I can't actually think of any stadium I have been in where there is excess leg-room in the regular stands.

The stairs were so steep that you had to hang on to the railing for dear life when descending them because they were so steep and narrow. And being able to see over the person in front of you didn't help with the problem of not being able to see all of the ice. Winnipeg Arena sucked. The MTS Centre is 1000 times better.

Before anyone gets their knickers in a knot over the stadium perhaps it would just be a good idea to wait until an actual announcement is made so everyone will know what their actually complaining about.

......when the commissioner injects some funding into the new Wpg. stadium....then he can oversee it....i can't believe all of the uninformed comment on the new venue....Nothing has been stated either govt. or Asper or the city....I agree with blueblood ....let's get the facts before making comment... take on the mts.centre :thup: ....the old Wpg.Arena which i grew up with and spent many days....although it will always have a special place in my heart :thdn: outlived her usefullness... :cry:

According to the latest reports there is a news conference tomorrow to announce the plan and the stadium will NOT be scaled back. Based on the limited information in the FP, it sounds like the Province of Manitoba will be loaning money to build the stadium until The Elms is going and when all is said and done the Province's share will actually be less than originally committed.

WINNIPEG — The province has called a 10 a.m. press conference on Wednesday at Canad Inns Stadium to confirm its plan to allow a new football stadium to rise at the University of Manitoba before David Asper’s Creswin Properties assembles the upscale mall it originally needed to fund the project.

The Selinger government, the City of Winnipeg, the Winnipeg Football Club and Creswin have reached a deal that will see the province financing to kickstart a $135 million stadium and U of M recreation project that has been delayed due to Creswin’s inability to secure tenants at The Elms, a shopping mall planned for the current site of Canad Inns Stadium.

The former deal, announced in April 2009, involved a provincial contribution of $15 million for a new home for the Winnipeg Blue Bombers and Manitoba Bisons plus another $5 million to refurbish University Stadium and build a new fitness centre at the U of M. Ottawa also committed $15 million, but only for the amateur sport and fitness components.

The new deal would see the province reduce its commitment, in exchange for providing the financing necessary to build the stadium before The Elms get up and running. The city would act as insurance, should Creswin fail to assemble the retail project.

The deal would also make room for David Asper to assume control of the non-profit Winnipeg Football Club, provided Creswin succeeds in building The Elms and buys out the debt on the stadium.

He will get a seat on the Bomber board immediately.

The deal should allow construction on the stadium to begin this summer and allow the Bombers to begin playing in a new U of M stadium in time for the 2012 season.
Selinger said on Monday the old stadium was "very close to the end of its useful life" and requires $52 million over the next several years just to maintain it in its current state.

"At a certain point, you have to decide whether you’re going to put more money into the old car or get a new one," Selinger said. "And I think the feeling is that when it comes to the stadium, it’s maybe time to move on to a new one...There’s a recognition that the existing facility will need up to $52 million of upgrades and repairs just to keep it in operation for a decade...So the question is, if we have to put more money into a stadium, does it make sense to pour it into the old one, or get on with the new one? And I think that the general feeling is that it makes sense to try to invest in a new one that will last for another 50 years and be a modern facility that people will be proud of."

The city had tons to do with the MTS centre after all the city and province helped to fund it.

And too all you people who love the MTS center please explain to me the cracks on the floors.
And since pictures do not lie, I look forward to posting those pics.
MTS center may be a nice building to look at, but not a practical one to watch a game in.
Hey when on earth have you ever heard anyone say that they can build a NHL standard arena for 100 million dollars CHEAPER that any place in the world. Only here in Winnipeg and they did it by cutting all the corners possible to fit a round circle into a square hole.

And NO we did not need it.

Here since you have not heard of other people complaining about the MTS center, let me help you out.

[url=] ... 0&start=10[/url]

What they are complaining about is exactly what I do not want to see at our new stadium.

Here is another.

[url=] ... 28857.html[/url]

Lets look at some individual points made to save you from searching...
POSTED BY: One Mans Opinion
MARCH 27, 2010 AT 7:40 PM
In regards to the MTS centre...
It's a nice building and all but has very cramped and uncomfortable seating.
We rarely go to the MTS centre because of this one major issue.

POSTED BY: Angry Ukrainian
MARCH 27, 2010 AT 6:59 PM
Somehow I think Selinger is trying to rush this project to save his own political life.
This project should not be rushed, it should be done properly, unlike the MTS Centre was.

MARCH 27, 2010 AT 5:21 PM
Will it ever end in this city? Enough of this scaled down, cheap stake stuff! Build it right, or do not build it at all. We already screwed up the MTS Centre (too small), and here we go again.

From a different links but still funny.
February 19, 2008 8:11 AM
BDP said...
The key reason I have doubts about the MTS Centre is that many parts of its interior feel cramped. In other words, it seems possible that a large arena design was "squeezed" into a too-small downtown property in order to pick up the welfare cheques.

Do we have a big league barn?
with 15 comments

Went to the Moose game last night. Great game. Great crowd. Very exciting. Love the girls in the lime tank tops (you had to be there).

However, it really got me thinking about whether MTS Centre is truly a big league arena. I had always shrugged off that criticism in the past, figuring that if an NHL team ever came back to town that we’d all pack the Highlander if that’s what it took. But sitting in the last row of the upper deck last night, I have to say the building has some challenges.

First, the sightlines aren’t that great, as the rake of the seats makes it hard to follow any play on the near side of the rink. Seats are cramped (“The Phone Booth? seemed like an appropriate moniker), and there’s no drinkholders. The upper-level concourse is way too narrow, making it very difficult to move around between periods. Concession line-ups were long. And the bathroom situation was ridiculous. Even women were commenting on how long the line-ups were for the men’s washrooms.

Here is another good one. And you say that I am the only one complaining about the MTS centre?

Quote from: JCBomber on Today at 12:57:17 AM
Asper is dragging his feet cause the economy is still sluggish. Until the economy picks up and retailers are willing to open more stores, I don't think the Elms will start the shovels anytime soon. I'd rather wait than to have a second rate tiny stadium. We already made that mistake with the MTS centre. We build it small enough that no NHL team can ever play in it. For the stadium, it has to be able to be big enough to show that the Bombers are a first class team and not a farm club of the Saskatchewan Roughriders or any other team in the CFL.

They built a too small hockey arena because they tried to shoe horn an arena into a piece of real estate that was too small.Luckily they don't have that problem with the U of M site. But I agree with you that this is typical Winnipeg to do this half assed.

I think I made my point that if we make this same mistake people will simple not want to go to a new stadium with these same problems.
I am not trying to be the bad guy here as I am just a die hard CFL fan that wants people to go and actually enjoy a new football stadium.

Did you read the articles in the FP and the Sun about the announcement tomorrow? The stadium design has NOT changed. It will still cost about $135 million. The only thing that has changed is the way the construction is being financed.

wow, press conference about the stadium today! I honestly thought this would not happen with the delaying and economy but looking good in Winnipeg. :thup:

I have only this to say about the accelerated stadium plan:

It's about time! :thup: