CFL Commissioner Jeffrey Orridge to step down

Neil Lumsden, He's done just about everything in Football including Club President
the last time the Cats won a grey Cup

Orridge was a Canadian citizen, with a solid marketing and sports background, It is likely that he earned $1 Million a year.

He did have an impressive resume:

the Executive Director of Sports and General Manager, Olympics for the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, Orridge has overseen rights acquisitions, partnership management, revenue initiatives and program execution involving marquee sports properties and digital opportunities.

In his role as chief strategist and negotiator, he successfully secured the media rights to the 2014 and 2016 Olympic Games, the 2015 Pan Am/ Parapan Games, and the 2018 and 2020 Olympics.

Orridge structured a multi-year sub-licensing agreement to preserve and amplify the Hockey Night in Canada broadcast and brand. Under his direction, the 2014 Sochi Olympics and 2014 FIFA World Cup achieved record setting broadcast reach, digital consumption and profitability.

“I believe we are living in an age of seemingly limitless possibilities and the opportunities ahead for the Canadian Football League are second to none,? said Orridge, a graduate of Harvard Law School who will officially assume his new duties April 29th.

Previously, Orridge was the Chief Operating Officer and head of Global Business Development for Right to Play International, a charity that improves the lives of children and youth around the world in the areas of health, education and wellness.

He has also served as Vice-President, Corporate Strategic Planning for Mattel Inc, identifying growth opportunities and capturing emerging trends for this $5 billion company, and as Director, Sport Licensing for Warner Bros. Consumer Products.

His extensive resumé includes stints in the 1990’s as Director, Global Sports Marketing for Reebok International and as Assistant Executive Director of USA Basketball, where he played an important role in introducing the first “Dream Team? to basketball fans around the world.

Pinball Clemens to the rescue!!
I also like the Neil Lumsden idea.
Need some name recognition for the position. Need to grow the league.

Don't let the door hit you on the way out, Jeff.

.Pinball is a great motivational speaker but the commish job is about business/marketing etc
Cohon didn't know football either he was an NBA executive, John Tory or Tom Wright didn't know football either.
They need a CEO type person with connections and knows how to market the CFL, deal with TV contracts, player contracts.
The CFL HQ has enough football people.
Expect someone from the business community who you have never heard of, it won't be an ex-CFL player.
I bet it's someone from Rogers

Sorry, but I find Pinball unbearable. Still think the best bet is a guy with a business background, or a sports business background.

Too funny! If Mitchell became CFL commissioner, he would keep the same boss... :smiley:

[i]No way is Popp making more than Trestman. Toronto wanted Trestman, so they paid him. They did not really want Popp, but hired him to get Trestman. If they are paying Popp as much or more than Trestman, then they are stupid.

The CFL commissioner makes less than that. No more than 500K Johnny says. A coach like Trestman is harder to find than a suit who will take orders from the CFL owners. [/i]

The idea that Braley would agree to pay Orridge ONE MILLION dollars... :smiley:

Johnny Peanut Hotdog know it all. What is source for the comments regarding Tressman not Popp? Are you making this up for your own intertainment and just flapping your gums?

IIRC, Orridge's deal was reportedly around the $750k range. There were a bunch of tweets about it at the time of his hiring. Hopefully it's been posted in one of the forums/threads around here.

He was hired as a CEO and he was an executive at the CBC and also ran another company at the same time so I would have to agree that they would have to pay him at least $750k to $1 million. He was the guy that negotiated the CBC rights to the Olympics and also with FIFA for the World Cup, they would have paid him a lot of money to lure him to the CFL.

Look for Chris Rudge. Aka Vancouver Olympics COC Chief Op Officer and former Argo Pres..... maybe retirement is still mot in his cards.

Again, while I'm not 100% sure, I do recall the numbers continually being brought up between $750k to $1 million. IIRC, base was around the $750k range, plus some bonus incentives. In either case, Orridge is gone, but hopefully the League will pay the next Commish around the same range, as it will help potentially bring in some top end type of people.

IIRC Cohon's deal was reportedly around the $550k range, and a big sticking point in his 3 year extension was that Cohon wanted more money, of which the Governors were rumoured not to be crazy about unless it was added incentives.

Cohon was worth every penny that's too bad .

Cohon had a pretty good resume too:

Head of international marketing for the NBA and Major League Baseball International as head of corporate development, before becoming President and chief executive officer of AudienceView Ticketing, a company which sells ticketing systems and services to sports, arts and entertainment events.
He was head of Canadian recording artists, which ran the Junos. His family founded McDonald's Canada so I assume he has taken that over too.
Just like Orridge he is a US and Canadian citizen.

I'm expecting someone with similar resumes, they will be probably paid in the $1 Million dollar range. I doubt it will be anyone from the football world, it will be an Orridge, Cohon type person.

Need Pinball in that seat !

No, but maybe hire him as head of CFL Marketing & Promotion.

I like Pinball. He’s a great character and supporter of the CFL. But he’s not the person for the commissioner’s job.

He may be a great motivational speaker, but I think that time has passed him by. I haven’t heard anything from him for quite some time. He is listed as a special advisor with the Argos, but I don’t know what, if anything, he actually does.

There was a time when he was touted seriously as a potential candidate for mayor of Toronto. No one has spoken of that for years.

The CFL needs a serious executive with excellent media industry relationships and negotiating skills. Pinball could be some sort of league ambassador, but that skill is probably most needed with the Argos, where he is right now.