CFL Commissioner Jeffrey Orridge to step down

TSN's Dave Naylor tweeted today:

@TSNDaveNaylor Sources say mutual agreement between Jeffery Orridge and CFL to part ways, understanding through two years it has not been a good fit. #CFL
(10:46 AM - 12 Apr 2017)

@TSNDaveNaylor Am led to believe today's CFL announcement will not mean Orridge's immediate departure. Expected to stay in role through the spring. #CFL
(10:49 AM - 12 Apr 2017)

Personal comment: It's about time...

Thank you...Yes...this guy was a hiring mistake right away. Please take that stupid logo with you too. Glad the BofG listened to the fans.

Ouch! The comments have not been favourable!

Could our very own Scott Mitchell step forward?



Go far away troll.


Yeah in a Galaxy far, far away would Scott Mitchell be made CFL boss. The 70's called and they want their suit back.

Great motivational speaker but they need a business person with contacts that can also negotiate TV contracts, advertising, marketing etc

In the CFL the Commish is a phoney title anyway. He's really a glorified Office Manager.

A glorified manager that pulls in a $1M/yr salary. :wink:

:lol: :lol: :lol:

Nowhere near that money. Where do you get that ?

Duane Forde? Anyone, anyone, Rod Black, anyone anyone :wink:

I won't miss him. Made Gary Bettman seem knowledgeable. Need a business/media relations guy. Must be a former player or executive who majored in business at school? Someone with a love for the CFL game and who wants to see it prosper.

If Trestman is making $600K/yr as a HC, then I figured the Commissioner would be at $1M

"According to Justin Dunk of, Trestman is to receive $600,000-plus per annum over a three-year deal."

How much do you think the next Commissioner is going to get paid?

What do you think Popps Salary is in TOR? I think Popp is pulling in way more than Trestman

There seems to be lots of $$$$ available in the CFL, just not any of it for the players. :?

[url=] ... es-players[/url]

Time to find a solid Canadian candidate with a passion for the game and a solid marketing or sports marketing background for the CFL.

We need more local Canadian talent just like local ownership to grow the game in Canada and into other future markets like Moncton, Halifax or Quebec City and yet have someone who can expend the TV, Radio, Web brand of the CFL to other markets outside of our country.

The CFL is a great game now we just need the right candidate to fuel the vision.



How about Keith Pelley the former Argo President?

Last I saw of him, Pelley was president of the European Golf Tour. Switching jobs to be CFL commissioner would = a huge pay cut.