CFL Commish

Well, its been brought up and I think I will ask the question here.

Where is the CFL Commish?

3 games in Ontario this weekend and he wasnt at one of them. He just a Monday to Friday, 8-5 guy?

There was no good news last couple weeks. The Olympics put a chopping block on TSN CFL ratings.
Nothing else to discuss - the Grey Cup is too far away - and nobody wants to hear Orridge deflecting attendance questions (ie. how much unsold inventory?)
Besides - the first question a competent TSN journalist would ask him is about the travesty in Saskatchewan - and that's the last thing Orridge wants to talk about.
Love him or mostly hate him - NFL commish Roger Goodell always managed to morph into a shaky Don Knotts character when discussing fines and suspensions - but he always took the microphone - albeit to pre-selected NFL TV guys.
Orridge has no real idea how to handle controversy or bad news - so he's hiding in a portion of his desk fort. :cowboy:

ESPN writer Kevin Seifert was with the Commish on Friday, but dont know if he took in any games with him.

2 of the 4 games this past weekend were sell outs, but as usual, only talk will be about the empty seats in TO and BC.

With as little as we have seen the Commish around, he is just a figure head and others are running the league.

He does not have to give interviews. Can't he attend any games as a fan ???

No, he doesn't have to "give" interviews but he should be available when issues of critical or even modest importance arise. He may be a figure-head but he's the commissioner and some things come with the job. You can't expect mopes like Glenn Johnson or Jake Ireland to do interviews - those guys are barely comprehensible.
I've heard NHL commissioner Gary Bettman do interviews with local talk mopes in Winnipeg, sometimes two or three a year. So Orridge should be doing some mainline interviews with Rod Smith and the TSN panel, plus a few with TSN affiliates in CFL cities.

I'd be happy if he just showed up at stadiums, games.

He was at BMO on Saturday.
Saw him sitting in the Bell box just behind my seats.
Didn't last long like most of the fans who managed to show up to the fiasco.

From what I have read on these boards, not many CFL fans watch the Olympics, so they shouldn't have any bearing on the ratings. I think most are like me, you watch the Olympics and when the CFL game starts you watch it, when the CFL game is over you turn it back to the Olympics.
I don't think any CFL fan would decide not to watch their CFL team because there was an Olympic volleyball or cycling event on at the same time........................ :? :?

Some CFL fans will watch the Olympics. Casual fans will definitely watch the Olympic over the CFL. It's common sense, Jim. To say the Olympics had no effect on surrounding TV ratings is absurd and irrational.

Applies to so many posters...