CFL Commish to meet with Ottawa Mayor

Marty York states that Cohon will meet with the mayor and the Palmer group to try to resurrect the team for 2009.

This was published a week ago.

All right, so in that case let's quote from a article...

Q. Now that the league has exhausted three prospective ownership groups in Ottawa, is that city still in the CFL's plans?

A. We definitely want to figure out whether we can get back into Ottawa. I think there are a number of issues there that we have to face. Is there a new development opportunity with the land surrounding Frank Clair Stadium? We have to do our own investigation and see what the opportunities are. There has been some public discussion about those opportunities and we need to explore that further. But also, we have to look at markets where there's more potential.

Q. Why has football in Ottawa failed twice now in your view?

A. It's always important to make sure you have the right people in place who understand football. [B.C. owner] David Braley has had success in Vancouver because he has [president and CEO] Bob Ackles and [coach] Wally Buono. I'm not going to make comments on previous [Ottawa] groups, but I think it's very important you make sure you have people who understand the local market and understand the sport. I think that's critical.

Is that with Cohon? Because I like this line:
[/b]There has been some public discussion about those opportunities and we need to explore that further. But also, we have to look at markets where there's more potential.[/b]

Development oppurtunities? that would be interesting have Frank Clair and all land surrounding it be CFL team property so your actually entering the Ottawa ____ territory.

How about find a way to scrap the aramark concessions deal let a CFL team get 100% of concessions profits maybe that extra 400-1M per year would help the team survive. lol

as i mentioned exactly one week ago,now marty york is lending some credence to the fact, i said
the commish was in ottawa to visit with the mayor
and guaranteed that football will be back in the nations capital for '09. also, i mentioned at the same time that bill palmer and his ross posse
will be riding in on horses from his indianapolis office just like that old rough riders logo, to get back in to the picture as the ownership group.i can see it now-jesse palmer steps down from his nfl network gig, and unretires to
become the #1 qb (hometown hero a la jesse lumsden)
what a great marketing platform to get ROUGH RIDER fans back on board and walking over that bank street bridge to pack the park-just like the good 'ol days.
by the way there are some good,solid ottawa area players out there in the cfl right now, so when you’re watching games this year, watch for ottawa area players and plug them into your 2009
ottawa rough riders.-CITY LEGEND

Remember that everything you read in the newspapers, as we are witnessing with the Balsillie and Preds situation, is not always exactly what the real picture is. Only what the media knows and always lots of games going on behind closed doors.

"former Rough Rider Bill Palmer and his son, ex-quarterback-turned-broadcaster Jesse Palmer, is being encouraged by Cohon to renew its bid"

Let's hope this is true and not a bunch of bull crap. Bring back the Ottawa Rough Riders !!!

This is probably as good a place as any to mention it, but Cohon was on readio here during the week and mentioned that he'd received a number of letters from fans and had left a message with one to call him back.

He did respond to an e-mail of mine a couple of weeks ago and while the response was what you'd expect, it was clear that he was responding to my specific points and not just sending me some form letter. I want to give him credit for that, because the most I ever got from Wright or his flunkies is his out-of-office alert when he ws on vacation. :?

So to the few fans still here, and perhaps fewer who have takenthe time to try to get your message across, you can feel a little better that you're being heard.

Well, that's encouraging. But it does take two to tango. I'd like to see the mayor as committed to bringing the CFL back to Ottawa. Let's face it, if both the league and the city were committed to bringing a team back, then somehow, some way, a deal would get done.

Couldn't agree more.

That's awesome that he wrote back to you, though. He just said the standard stuff? "We're exploring all options and will only go forward if it's right"?

Basically. Well, that and he said I was his favourite poster on, but he asked that I not give that away. :wink: