CFL commish,T. Wright on TV

go to sportsnet..the fan 590 show is talkin to the renegades owner as well as CFL commish tom wright

glieberman says city was concerned that tailgating was growing with more 18-24 year old males and is baisicly age discrimination.
they didnt like young guys drinkin ....worried it would get outta hand....he says he wants to get an area as a designated park so people can bring booze.
he says they had less problems in the crown during mardi gras then a normal game.....and basically no complaints.
lonnie says hes worried people wont come to the games now, because no tailgating.

I have nothing good to say about I'll just leave it.

Dammit, I'm at work. What's the commish saying? What else about Ottawa?

the commish is commin on after this commercial break....

commish says ratings are up this year. (bla bla...missed most of this part)
that he knew ottawas mardi gras was gonna be a mess, but didnt feel it was his place to stick his nose in it...its up to the team to do its own promotions, and he commends the Gades for trying to draw a younger audience to the games.

says tailgating has been happening for years and hopes the city reconsiders this decision to stop it.
says he hopes they can reach an agreement with city to keep it going if they get security to monitor tailgating.

tom says he understands CBCs current problems and he doesnt want to get in a big dispute with CBC since they've been partners for over 50 years.
says this saturday will, again, have no announcers BUT will have scoreboards on at all times. tom says he prefers to have the announcers, especially since theyre in 70 million USA homes who arent familiar with CFL rules. says argos owner says CBC broadcast is UNACCEPTABLE.

tom says next contract with CBC will make sure this will NEVER happen again. says he hope this doesnt affect the labour-day classics. CBC refused to have american announcers to call the games because it would violate CBC lockout. says alot of people watched the game JUST TO SEE how different it would be, but doesnt expect those big numbers to continue as this lockout continues.

CFL Snap is on THE SCORE now.........and at 9:30 pm EST............

At about 6:50 pm...........EST time.........and at 11 pm........EST........

TSN's top 10...........will have the TOP 10 [plays] in the CFL SO FAR.......this year.

on CFL Snap, during the QB challenge, bluebomber QB kevin glen hit EVERY target. he beat BC and Montreal QB's

ALSO, Baker ( argos ) says hes gonna go after the stampeder who spit on him last time the teams met. if u recall, a stampeder spit on baker, who then took out his frustrations on his teammate prefontaine for all television audiences to see.

Well, it's interesting to see a game with no announcers but rating as down for those games and it's just imperative that the CBC ends the lockout and greats back to normal.

Actually , the ratings were UP for this game........THE FAN Radio program acted like the T.V. ratings for CBC were , down.They hate the CFL.

GoStampsGo........ helped us out with an article that prove the rating to be .....449,000+ , ahead of the season average of 408,000.

To an American those might seem like small numbers, but for CANADA with 1 tenth of the pop. of the U.S. , those are great sports numbers for this country.

Still the next one will be down, everyone likes the commentators.

if, SOMEHOW, the ratings for this satudays silent game are STILL higher than the season average....all that shows is that the CFL is growing at a rapid rate - and not that people prefer no announcers.

people are so crazy for the CFL, that they are willing to put up with low production values to see a televised CFL game ( i know thats the only reason i will watch ).

this also shows, that NEXT YEAR...EVERY GAME needs to be televised, cuz the ratings( viewers ) will be there.

also, CBC gets in more homes than TSN naturally, a game on CBC would draw better ratings than the other 3 TSN televised games....may explain y the ratings are HIGHER THAN AVERAGE.


B ut I still miss my gentle giant, Chris Walby! :cry:

I can't imagine a number that high would be just because people want to see what it's like without an announcer ... I can imagine pretty well what it would be like sans voiceover. I'm sure a good chunk of those people were checking it out, to see what it's like with no play-by-play, but my guess is that most of those people were so desperate for their CFL fix that they tuned in anyway! :slight_smile: (I know I would have, had I been in town!)
I guess we'll really know for sure if/when we see another silent game ...
BTW, why can't CBC just pick up the local radio feed?

something about violating lockout laws or policies...they could get in trouble or something

BECAUSE NO RADIO STATION OR T.V. station wants to be seen as a , " SCAB WORKER ".........!