CFL Commish stop in Regina

Attended Randy Ambrosie's Regina stop at Mosaic Stadium today. Well received. Covered many topics but not enough time to drill down deeply into any of them. There is no doubt of this man's capability and passion for our game.

Best takeaway I got from today was that the CFL office and teams are now committed to sharing and working together to grow everyone's business. No more silos operating in silence. More shared successes and more shared synergies. Should lead to a better league position in the consumers eyes and more consistency for higher standards for the fan experience in everyone's park.

The teams that are filling their stadiums are the teams that are successfully engaging the widest age demographic of fans at the game. Needs to be replicated elsewhere. Ambrosie talked about how many millennial fans are attending games initially for the nightclub-like experience in those special fan party zones, and then becoming connected to the game.

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