CFL Commish: Ricky NOT making $500,000***

just as i said; STEVE SIMMONS is a LIAR

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CFL commissioner Tom Wright says the running back's official contract is worth much less than $500,000, the amount reported by Sun Media this week.

"The contract that I registered was not that," Wright, in Winnipeg for a Grey Cup event, said yesterday. "All I can tell you is it was not remotely close to that."

Numerous other reports have pegged Williams' salary at around $240,000.

Of course, CFL teams have been notorious for not registering all player payments in their official contracts, thereby circumventing the league's salary cap guidelines.

That was all supposed to change this season, with the league implementing a $3.8 million cap as part of a new "salary management system," that also included sweeping changes to the rules governing rosters and injury lists.


The deal hit a snag two weeks ago, though, when it failed to pass a vote by league governors.

Wright, though, says it's not dead.

"I don't think it's been shelved," he said.

"When you make all those kinds of changes, there are rules, regulations, a collective agreement, a constitution that has to be adjusted ... and there was one club that had some concerns with some of the language.

"We've addressed those concerns and we'll be bringing it to the board of governors here in a couple of weeks for approval."

The board meets here on June 13, three days before the start of the regular season.

Wright says the league is in the process of hiring salary cap enforcement officers, whose job will be to investigate whether teams are following the rules.

Penalties for overspending aren't to be enforced until the 2007 season, opening the door for teams to ignore the rules for one more year.

The Argos have said Williams' contract fits under the salary cap.

Good, I really hope he will not be making that much, cuz if he is, you know that TW will have something to say about it.

Pro players should not be making that much money, IMO.


Steve got it wong again and now other reporters are saying that as well.

Good ... altho he was wrong .... I agree that Steve Simmons seems to be "coming around" to our CFL

Keep it up Steve!

OKay Here's A Bit Of A Tricky Question About The Cap. About 7 Or 8 Years Ago A Player On The Colorado Avalanche (I Think That's The Team) Had 2 Horses Included In His Contract To Avoid Losing Half To The Government. Now If Ricky Had Something Like That Included In His Contract, Maybe Instead Of Horses The Argos Give Him A Multimillion Dollar Mansion To Live In While He's Playing Here, Or A Sexy Sports Car. Would That Be Included In The Cap Or Would It Give The Argos An Excuse To Give Their Players A Lot More In The Contract Then They Actually Pay Out In The Books?

And As Far As The Boose In The Cap Goes All I Can Say Is It's About Time, I've Be Preaching For Years How The Cap Needed To Be Increased. But Now That It's Gone Way Up Will It Continue To Increase Each Year?

Awesome .... "slip of the pen" Bamboo

Props! :thup:

I have a question for you.

Name the CFL team owners who have voted against a salary cap? And which teams have voted for it last year?

And name the teams who usually go over that informal , non offical cap.

hint : most who voted against the cap are the same teams that don't like TOM WRIGHT. :wink:

You know , instead of speculating who is making what, the CFL should disclose all the players salaries, who is making what and what teams are over the cap and who isnt over. Instead of the CFL hiding things from fans, for once be open and honest about players' salaries.

I totally agree with you , but contracts are legal papers and have lawyer / client trust.

So why does the NHL,NBA,MLB and NFL disclose salaries?

I wasn't aware that they disclose every one's salary. If that is true them they should.

Like I said , I totally agree with you.

I Guess I've Got My Mind Else Where. Everyone Slips Up Every Now And Again.

The Als have stated publicly why they are against the cap!
They claimed that all it would do is drive move contract underground. Teams that dont repsect the cap now would just sent one contreact to the league and keep the real one hidden. Two sets of books so to speak.

that is your speculation...NOT FACT.