CFL Commish needs to step up to remove Tiger Cats ESPN game

It will be a disaster for the league. The game is actually going to be on ESPN the main network. Switch games for ESPN or put another game in that time slot if ESPN can only show the game during that time.

it's the only Thursday game...good luck.

You might be able to flip games around that are on the same day...not really with games on other days.

CFL has to put another game on that time. It will embarrass the league to much that may never be able to recover selling the game via television in the united states....

Well the CFL maybe can force TSN not to televise it so ESPN gets no broadcast.

Something has to be done.

Uhhh what. Force TSN not televise it? You really think the CFL is gonna phone their broadcast partner and say "Hey, can you guys uhh...just show some infomercials tonight? We're worried Americans wont like out stadium."

That's a horrible, horrible idea that would never happen.

yes, if possible the league/ESPN need to pull this from the schedule.

The league will look beyond amateurish for American viewers and further cement the CFL as a minor league south of the border.
This will look very bad and irreparably damage the perception of our game for years/decades to come.

Heck, plenty of US high schools have stadiums with higher capacity than Ron Joyce at only 6,000 in seating.

If it is filmed right it will be fine.

I'm assuming TSN will at least do what has been done sometimes in the past for games televised from Mac. Set up all cameras on the open side of the field using cranes and cherry pickers set up along the west side of the stadium where there are no stands pointing the cameras towards the east and the actual stadium (which only has seats along the east side)

That actually doesn't look that bad as you can see in these highlights from a Mac playoff game a couple of years ago.

I'm sure the TSN announcers can explain the temporary home and show some cool shots and promotional videos of the new almost completed THF.

Yup, this will be a league marketing train wreck if it gets broadcast. :thdn:

Still better than most games from the cereal bowl dump. Actually all games from the dump. :stuck_out_tongue:

The timing is bad but once THF opens properly this will be forgotten eventually.

If not it will just go down part of CFL Folklore....2 rough riders, 'Oh Canada' in Vegas, drafting the deceased. This will fit right in :smiley:

Not often that the atmosphere and experience of watching a sporting event live at a particular venue translates well on TV, but the Skydump looks and feels just as empty, impersonal and dull on TV as it is from the dump itself.

Why should we try to fool our American viewers? The CFL is what it is. What's more impressive, a half-empty 55,000-seat stadium or a jam-packed 5,000 at Ron Joyce? Sure, they build grandstands on both sides of the football field, down south. In Canada we do things a little differently. :wink:

Televising this game alone might ruin the CFL on ESPN forever.... if you do not understand this then you have no idea how things work.

Hamilton should be embarrassed and the city of hamilton should be ashamed for fooling themselves and Bob Young. Why are people so stupid to think something that usually takes 2 or 3 years to be built in 1 year? Oh because in Ontario we do things different. Or more excuses like ''well it wont take long because we dont have a roof''

millions and millions will be watching this game. You have no idea how deep ESPN runs into the USA. It will be shown in every single office, sports bar, hotel lobby, airport,etc in the entire USA

ESPN should televise a game in Regina or Edmonton or Winnipeg (who has the nicest stadium and its going to be packed starting next home game)

Watching the Arena game on TSN (from ESPN), where it looks like there is about 2,000 in a 20,000 seat arena. Now that looks embarrassing. By the way they are promoting Friday's game in Edmonton.

If it's an exciting game no one's gonna care about the small stadium, not sure why you do WBB?

I doubt the game will have much impact on American viewers anyway, regardless of how it's played or where. The NFL is such a monster down south that everything else is just small potatoes in comparison. Face it.

Maybe the day will come that the CFL finds a core audience in the United States, but that time is not now. It will require a long, complex, and well-organized program of exposure on American networks before that happens. One-offs here and there aren't going to penetrate deep enough to gain mass appeal. So, I wouldn't panic about the fallout from the Ti-Cat game. It won't make much difference, one way or the other.

Anyway, will the validation of ESPN and/or the American viewing public change the way CFL fans such as ourselves feel about the game? It shouldn't. Just kick back and enjoy the CFL for what it is, and where it's at.

Who cares about arena football! No matter what the arena league does or doesn't do will not make the CFL look good playing p in a 6000 seat cis stadium on the Main ESPN network.

There won't be 'millions and millions' watching this.

The game is on Thursday so I checked TV ratings for this past Thursday and according to TV By the Numbers ESPN's highest rated program that day was a 5:30PM episode of Pardon the Interruption with less than 800,000 viewers. And again that was their highest rated program last Thursday.

Or even going back and checking NCAA ESPN Thursday night ratings - which of course will be significantly higher that what we can reasonably expect for a CFL game and a quick check of Thursday Oct. 10 - a Rutgers - Louisville game - 1.66 million, a Thursday October 24th game on ESPN between Mississippi State and Kentucky - 1.33 million.

So it will not be 'millions and millions' watching a CFL game on July 31 no matter what stadium it is from.

The commentators will mention why the game is being played in a small stadium so that would be fine I think. Sure, the optics won't be good but just like watching a game from the RC without a lot of people in it, once the game gets going most people are more concerned with the action on the field.

If the on field product cannot sell the game, and you must rely on the glitz and glam of larger stadium, then you've already lost the US viewer, as most CFL venues pale in comparison to US College stadiums.