CFL Commentary

We do not need to get a recall of every play after it happens. PLEASE DO YOUR HOMEWORK!!!! The football in this league is just as good as the NFL. The commentary?!?!! GOT TO GO. Anyone can see what happened and who made the play. Give us some analysis into things teams were doing earlier in the week, perhaps strategies they are trying out, ANYTHING!! Get a story!!! Watch an NFL game if you need to - Joe Theismann always tells you "I was talking with Jack Del Rio this week and...." just as an example. They are knowledgeable about the game and it shows. You are NOT knowledgeable and it also shows. YOU ARE MAKING OUR GAME (AND US) LOOK RIDICULOUS. I really hope someone of importance sees this and takes the onus to make a change. PLEASE.

this is funny coming from a miami dollfish fan, heh heh

That was hilarious.

there goes a tumbleweed.

I couldn't agree more. The CBC is pitiful in its coverage of the league. Since Bell-Globemedia owns both TSN & the CTV network, they should take the entire package & place the CBC's block of games onto CTV for the next TV deal. This should leave the CFL available to just as many households while drastically improving the quality of the coverage.

TSN has much room for improvement in the call of the games but they're miles ahead of the archaic CBC.

You can say what you want about Glenn Suitor and his color commentary, but at least he knows something about football and what is going on in the game. Steve Armatige and Darren Flutie can't even get players names right. At the end of the 1st quarter of the Als/Riders game, I put my tv on mute and listened to the local radio broadcast. the EDM....T.O. game Walby and his partner both had Ricky Ray running as a back for the Argos....slip of the tongue ...maybe....but both of them right after the other, changed Ricky W :lol: :lol: illiams to Ray lol lol.......good one guys..

Both Armatige and Flutie confused Cory Grant with Jason French....on several occasions. Just a question for all of you out there who watched the TO/EDM game. How many "up the gut" and "Argo bounces" were there? :lol:

Exactly!!!.. Armitage says this is Congis 20th field goal try in a row.. under his breath Fluties says 20-22..then awhile later Armitage says the exact same thing

Then Walby and whatshisname Lee? Lee calls Ricky Williams Ricky Ray ..then Walby the dumbass that he is ...repeats what Lee just said naming Ricky Ray instead of Ricky Williams..

CBC hang the cleats up already and stick to curling brooms


I prefer the CBC to TSN anyday

Are you friggin' kidding me???

TSN, hands down.

I like TSN commentating way more than CBC. The half-time discussion panel is done pretty well too, IMO.

Cept TSN commentators are not smart enough to shut up when the Ref is announcing penalty. They yap and yap while the camera shows someone on the bench!

TSN beats CBC in my books; there is better chemistry on the TSN panel, and I'll take Cuthbert/Suitor over either CBC team. As for CBC's panel, it was showing some signs of life when they got Benefield on it, but now they don't use him on the panel, and that's a shame. At least he calls it as he sees it, and that's refreshing.

I'd rather that than have to listen to the likes of Armitage and Walby.....

Like Suitor is so eloquent!
Or Patterson for that matter

its Petterson... your sounding more like your beloved CBC with each post!!!

Typical! Cant argue with the facts so attack a spelling error.

Point is those 2 are no better than Walby or Flutie or any other CBC commentator!

Also, all of the CBC’s games are in High Def! not just one Friday night game!

Oh who cares....I can't wait until CBC gets out of football.....friggin' Walby gets so flustrated over Antny Cavil's name, it's pathetic.....and if Armitage confused one more player for another, he'd get the dunce cap.....

Heres your facts ...Suitor yaps....Well at least its about football..these clowns (CBC) cant even pronounce let alone figure out whos on the field correctly

CBC= Canadian Bush Commentators