CFL Command Centre

How many times have we seen a toe being dragged as the receiver catches the ball in the end zone? The SJ Green catch for teh 2 point convert against SK on July 1st in overtime comes to mind.

Richardson clearly had possession, had time to turn to advance the ball forward before he got cranked. Definitely a fumble.

I agree with you. Both were blown calls.


It was a catch :roll: :roll: What were you watching ?

Just watched the highlights on TSN, Command Centre did wrong, wrong, wrong and this one, while somewhat difficult, isn't anywhere near what I've seen overturned on some plays.

Brutal, horrible wimpy on the part of the Command Centre. :thdn:

The name "Command Centre" is an oxymoron - they have command of nothing - there were plenty of calls that were questionable, for both sides - pass phantom pass interference calls, incomplete pass/non fumble wrong calls - blah blah blah - but how in the world to you get an offside call wrong - on Calvillo's last touchdown pass, the Als were clearly offside - you can't move the line of scrimmage around in your mind - it is what it is - that's just simply incompetence at it's worst - I guess the morale of the story is you can't fight the command centre and the other team and win - I believe the Bombers played well enough to win this one and they beat the Als - they just couldn't beat the "command centre" - grin and bear it and move on - just proves that we can hang in there with the best of the them - great game BB - true BB fan win or lose!

Yup, have to move on but this wasn't even my team and I'm a bit upset. :o

.... yes there's a lot more out there Earl besides Bomber fans...Though the Bombers got beat the officiating took a credibility beating and that'll be a little harder to overcome than our loss...It's out there for all to see :thdn: It's pretty tough for a team on the verge of elimination, from post-season play, to absorb a loss like that...but hey...It is what it is, time to move on.. :x

I can forgive the officials on the field for the call. Depending on postioning they may have had a difficult time determining whether or not he had possession of the ball. The Command Centre however, had several different views, full speed and slow motion. There is no excuse for them blowing that call, but still they did. Typical of the overall quality of officiating in the league.

If they can't get it right from a replay how can they be expected to fix the problems on the field.

Makes the league look like a joke on a play that had a huge impact on the game.

The officials. FYB seems to believe the officials never make mistakes. Obviously for him that extends to the command centre too.

.....i think your statement 'IF you can't get it right from a replay how can they be expected to fix the problems on the field', ...that bears repeating..... There should be an immediate plan to 'up-grade' the officiating in this should start with the headman .. AND NOW..

That really was an either way call. In slow motion it appears the receiver has possession at any given point of the catch, as opposed to in real-time when the call has to be made, including even before he was on the ground.

The referee judged plausibly that the side of the foot was touching the white when possession was at hand, not as the announcers continued to go over when the receivers toe was on the ground.

All the same it was that close that the call could have gone either way and of course the affected team would feel they got screwed no matter what.

That excuses the on field officials, and I agree it may have been a tough call to make depending on their positioning, but it does not excuse Jake Ireland in the command centre with slow mo replay, multiple angles, multiple views and the advantage of time.

On the field now in the command centre, the officiating staff makes mistake after mistake after mistake on a game to game basis. When the problem is that wide spread you have to start to fix things from the top. Fire Tom Higgins. I am sure the CFL is the only league stupid enough to hire someone with no officiating experience as their head official.

Boggles the mind.

Actually Cuthbert asked if it was intentional grounding but they couldn't tell until after looking at a slow motion replay which was taken from an angle which was opposite of what the ref saw. All the ref could see were the backs of Als players surrounding Jyles.

Regarding the fumble, from the Winnipeg Sun (Pigseye posted this in the Bombers section):

The Winnipeg Blue Bombers can feel better today about the fact that CFL officials blew another call that affected the outcome of the Friday's game against the Montreal Alouettes.

CFL director of officiating Tom Higgins told Bomber head coach Paul LaPolice on Saturday morning that the fumble by Montreal receiver Jamel Richardson that was ruled an incomplete pass — after an officials' review — was indeed a fumble.

"I spoke to Tom Higgins this morning and I can kind of clarify what would have been their ruling," LaPolice said Saturday. "If the officials rule that it's an incomplete pass, you can't challenge whether or not the ball was fumbled after that. So, the only thing that's reviewable is whether it's a catch or no-catch.

"When they went under and looked at that, all they could say was whether it was a catch or no-catch. The problem is, on the field, they ruled it an incomplete pass. It should have ruled it completed, OK? Then, err on the side of completion because, then you can challenge that and be reversed. And that's a flaw in the system that Tom said is not good.

"He said it's clearly fumble and we're going to look at trying to address it and try to fix it … He (apologized), well, he said there was no reviewable aspect to it. It was a fumble but obviously, the whistle blew too quick. So, that's frustrating."

Two plays later, Montreal quarterback Anthony Calvillo completed a 48-yard touchdown pass to receiver Brian Bratton that gave the Alouettes a 41-40 lead with 1:18 left, and won the match 44-40.

Despite the fact that both the on-field and off-field officials blew the call, the result will not be changed and the Bombers record will remain 3-9.

It was the second time this season that the Bombers were involved in a blown call that affected the outcome of their game. Earlier this season, Hamilton quarterback Kevin Glenn fumbled the ball away, but it was ruled a non-fumble after a review because of a quick whistle. Higgins apologized to the Bombers after that one, too.

1 - He didn't apoligise.
2 - He lied. There is a reviewable aspect to that play. Was it a completed pass? If not then the ruling on the field stands, incomplete pass Montreal ball. If video review shows completed pass, then the loss of the ball is a fumble, Winnipeg picked it up therefore Winnipeg ball but the whistle denies them the opportunity to advance the ball (this ruling and interpretation has been used a few times).

Higgins can't even lie right.

....all in all ,a tainted victory for the als. because of the officiating blunders....How many more apologies is this bloody outfit going to issue before they fix the problems....I'm fed-up.....but i'll continue to support my club even though we may be playing the refs, as well as the opposition, for the rest of the year...Our guys sounded off on that hopless crew last night and it'll probably cost us.. :thdn: in more ways than one :wink:

…I dunno papa, by the sounds of it that crew had it’s fair share of hops…and yeast, barley, malt and pure spring water all mixed together…

:lol: :lol: yeah.... ...and it looks like they had a chaser of Gibsons Finest to go with it.....I'm now going to command headquarters to see just what they're drinking up there...then i'm going to tell them to 'stick' their apology :rockin:I wonder if i'll get fined :lol:...........( red, i guess i meant hapless...spelling error you know :wink:)