CFL Command Centre

I preface this statement by saying I dislike the Bombers...WHAT a JOKE the COMMAND CENTRE is. Time for the blindfold and cigarette!

I dislike them as well but they got screwed by the Command Centre who must have been drunk looking at that call and not overturning it.

Higgins will just say "oh well" and buy the guys tequila shots to relax before next game.

....let's take away all of the other obvious penalties on BOTH teams that weren't called....the one call by the command centre is 'supposed' to be accurate....otherwise why have it....That call was a joke and was the catylyst for the als. win....Just another day at the office for those bunglers...and a sad blemish on an otherwise entertaining game but a sadder comment on the incompetency of the officiating in this league :thdn: :thdn:

Papa, I agree with you there. I'm an Als fan and even I was shaking my head at the decision. I fully expected the play to be called a fumble, as it should have been. Then again, I thought Bratton's sideline catch was a catch, and also wondered when the rules for intentional grounding stopped applying to Steven Jyles on a drive that eventually culminated in a Bomber TD. Poorly officiated game all around.

just because you people think it was a catch doesnt mean it was.

first of all they dont even call intentional grounding anymore, Henry Burris has done it for years

second that was obviously a fumble and i hope the reffs can sleep at night making that call.

third the pass interference on 2nd down before montreal took the lead was CRAP!
Im pissed, BEYOND pissed i just got back from the game a just remembered the game was on NFL network

WHAT AN EFFING DISGRACE!!! :x :thdn: :thdn:

Beyond the obvious falsehood in your assertion that intentional grounding isn't called -- it is still called, has been this season -- you clearly don't understand the game of football.

lol name one time its been called this season, the refs are a disgrace to this league. :thdn:

Worst display of officiating I have ever seen. The late replay challenge obviously, but there were also the terrible (or at the very least extremely inconsistent) pass interference calls. Then there was the Als game winning TD where the Montreal receiver on the Bombers sideline was at least 3 yards offside on the play.

I saw terrible calls going both ways though. Can it get much worse than one play where Winnipeg had the ball and the 20 second clock had expired for at least five seconds, and not one ref noticed it! Winnipeg went on to get a very important first down on the very same play they should have been penalized 5 yards. Also how was Jyles not getting flagged for intentional grounding when he was throwing balls that bounce 7 yards behind the line of scrimmage with only an O-lineman in the area?

This was as bad as it gets. Is the CFL going to issue another apology this week (for the third time I believe)? Ridiculous!

I'm angry and tired right now so I'm going to bed. Ugh!

As far as the Bratton reception is concerned....just what is the ruling on a play like that?
If a player...coming down with the ball in his possession...first touches a toe in bounds.....but his heel subsequently touches the it a catch or not?

The TSN crew were ambiguous about Dunigan was in that SJ Green play during the Alouettes/Ticat game 3 weeks ago.
He started muttering, "heel toe...toe heel" like some kind of cobbler's mantra.

If anyone knows what the exact rule is on this...I'd be very grateful.

lol name one time its been called this season, the refs are a disgrace to this league. :thdn:
I can't remember the game but Darian Durant was flagged for it once this year - not sure if anyone else has though.

IIRC that play was also ruled to be an incomplete pass.

With Bratton I don't think he had complete control of the ball until after his foot was on the line.

Calvillo's been flagged for grounding as well.

The people calling the refs a disgrace are a disgrace. You people clearly have no idea how difficult it is to be a football ref. It's almost as ridiculous as hating a team because they suddenly lose one game.

However, for once, I will actually go out and say that this wasn't one of the refs best games, and I was completely baffled by both command centre replays. I was sure the Bratton catch was in bounds, and I was sure Richardson had fumbled. Why they called it otherwise, though, I'm sure they have good reason for it. Maybe Bratton's foot was more evidentally out of bounds from a closer look that they got, or perhaps he didn't have full control as he stepped down. Maybe Richardson was juggling the ball around moreso than it appeared after a second glance. From what we saw, they might have looked like suspicious calls, but no one really sees the angles better than the command centre (save maybe for the refs on the field, but they've got split seconds to make calls, not minutes), so I don't believe any of us are in a position to start whining about how this was a "disgrace". They were both close calls, either way.

The Bratton call was close and could have gone either way. The blown call on the fumble wasn't a close play. The receiver caught the ball, turned 180 degrees and took at least one step before he was hit and fumbled.

can you find in the rules how many steps a player must take having full control of the ball, before its ruled a catch and a fumble. I cant.

I see room for doubt as to if he actually had full possession of the ball long enough.

He had two hands on the ball when he caught it. He did not shift the ball after catching it. He had it in his hands, turned and started to run (taking a step and half). He didn't lose control of the ball until he was hit. That is called possession and a fumble 99 times out of a 100.

Calvillo and Durant have been called for it. Thanks for playing.

Even Cuthbert and Suitor were surprised that intentional grounding wasn’t called on the play.

Both the Bratton non-catch and the Richardson non-fumble are instances where the league needs to rewrite the rulebook and make it absolutely clear what constitutes possession. Do you need one toe in bounds, or the whole foot? How many steps do you need to take after making a catch before you are considered to have possession? IIRC the NFL uses the term ‘football move’ to define what the receiver does after the catch – if you have time to turn and move your body and take another step, it’s considered a football move and therefore a catch, unlike the ‘bang-bang’ play where the receiver has no time to do anything before the ball comes loose.

IMO they were both blown calls that reflect poorly on the league.

I agree with your take DnP, I thought Bratton was in. But even if both the Bratton call and the Jyles grounding were called correct, we don't know if it would've changed the game point wise. On the Richardson fumble it would be a turnover and the powers that be reviewed it and still came up wrong. A sorry ( our mistake)doesn't cut it with the game on the line. It was still a pretty exciting game in spite of the reffing.

The Command centre should have atleast called down to say they were gonna have a look at the play to determine if it was a fumble or an incompletion.

It was a fumble, IMO