This has changed I believe from 2010 to 2011 and now 2012 and still uncertain if it will truely happen but he said recently he feels it will . Its truely been prolonged, three years away NOW! I believe that gives him time to due it right and expand to 10 teams AT THE SAME TIME , IF HE MOVES AND CONCENTRATES ON QUEBEC CITY. Apparently there is a rich woman in Europe that wants to own an CFL franchise and built a stadium in Quebec city. I believe Mr. Cohon should be pitching the Canadian Govt. to help support the building of a stadium in Quebec like they are in Winnipeg, its well over due. Its time to act MR. Cohon and not wait 10 yrs from now, its time now.

                                                             10TEAM CFL LEAQUE IN 2012, IT WOULD BE NICE!

You hit the nail on the head. Cohon has already stated the league would prefer to expand by two teams instead of having a mess at 9 teams. To me this just allows Ottawa to do it right and Marc Bellemare to secure and get the stadium project underway.

And I'd be fairly surprised if we didn't here news out of the Quebec camp in terms of stadium plans in the next couple of months.

Cohon should come out and announce his plans. This wishy washy approach instills confidence in no one.

A 10 team league would be ideal. There would finally be some meaningful playoff races and the end of the dreaded "crossover".

Plus and equally important a balanced schedule of playing every other team once at home and away. Instead of the ridiculously 4-5 times per year when including pre season and playoffs.

Oh ya, that one is probably the most important reason for 10 teams :thup: Would make rivalry games that much bigger and more important

Hopefully there is alot of behind the scenes work already being done in Quebec City and an announcement is forthcoming in the months ahead. If Cohon could pull this off it would be fantastic. The CFL with a 10 team league would be so much better than the current 8 or 9 we might end up with when Ottawa re-joins. The benefits as mentioned before include a balanced schedule of 1 home and 1 away game against each team, a natural rivalry between Q.C. and Mtl, no more crossing over in the playoffs, more jobs for our Canadian university players to compete for, a better TV deal next time around for the league including possible re-newed interest from US broadcasters. Well anyhow here's hoping we could see this work by 2012.





From the beginning, they never set a firm date. Even now it's "hopefully" 2012 (that was the way I heard it).

Cohon can't control how long this takes. The most he can do is what he's already done; do away with perception based on innaccurate information (like claims that the league is on its last legs, that no one watches it, etc).

I hope that we are all still alive if and when the next round of expansion occurs.

Boy you guys are wishful thinkers....If its taking this long to get Ottawa in, its going to take longer to get a 10th team in. I bet by 2016, (seven years from now) we'll still be a nine team league at best.

Sorry but what does whats happening in Ottawa have anything to do with what would happen in another city?

Tell me the names of the owners waiting to throw money at the CFL.....Name the Stadiums that can hold CFL required attendance.......The silence is deafening.

Hey, don't get me wrong, I would love to see CFL coast to coast. Id love to see a Montreal QC rivalry. As much as my heart would love to see that come into reality, my brain trumps my heart and says...."Until demand, attracts owners with deep pockets, until the Stadiums get approved for construction........all the dreaming, all the wishful thinking means nothing."

Here's one from last month, Christina Saint Marche, who said she doesn't need gov't money to build a stadium in Quebec. She also tried to buy the Renegades when they were suspended in Ottawa and wanted to move them to Quebec.

[url=] ... story.html[/url]


I'd rather have the Ottawa return delayed and done right than rushed and ready to collapse, as it was last time. This is Ottawa's last kick at the CFL can and Cohon knows it. Everything has to be in place and the team has to be competitive out the gate. I don't mind waiting a few more years. If a Quebec team comes into being at the same time, great. If not, we'll have to endure a 9-team league again for a few more years, but that's a small price to pay to have football back in the nation's capital.

Not exactly. It means buzz and momentum. Talking about it fuels interest. Not talking about it all has the opposite effect.

Yes, talking and dialogue with others is much more action in nature that dreaming and wishful thinking, not that these aren't important, every new idea starts as that, an idea, but eventually without discussion of some sort, ideas stay just as that. I'm happy the CFL is allowing Ottawa to take it's time with what really is a bit of a complex situation Lansdowne Park and what the real offers are to do something with it and the area. It's tough for the city and I can appreciate that and the CFL has to appreciate it as well.

One issue with the 10 team schedule could be east or west teams play more games against the other division. A team would play 8 divisional games and 10 non divisional games. In a perfect world you would like it the other way around,but a 10 team CFL would be awesome.

The thing is, us posters on here can talk about it all we want. We are the "Die hard fans". Its the bussinessman in Halifax, the Teacher in Quebec City, The Plumber in Moncton, the fireman in Quebec City, those are the ones that need to be discussing expansion, those are the ones that have to be telling the media..."WE WANT IT."

Us posters are already on board!

That's certainly true as well. But this board is where many ideas germinate, and from here they spread to the community via the board's members talking about it to their friends, and by members of the media seeing the discussions and writing related stories. We've already seen that happen, with several news stories over time about expansion from various sources.

We should not stop talking about it. It excites pretty much everyone to think that we could have 10 teams some day. We need to keep the buzz alive lest complacency and the status quo keep the dream from ever becoming a reality.

Talk to your friends about it. Often. Bend the ear of your local opinion leader. And most all, keep discussing it here.