CFL coming to London?

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It'd be cool if the Cats did come here. I'd definitely buy tickets. However, I don't see it happening. Reading the paragraphs about potentially reaching 16,000 and 20,000 made me laugh.

That is awesome, I hope it happens.

Edit: I see also Quebec City is an idea as per the article, much better idea in my opinion. A little far from Hamilton, but this would effectively allow the league to gauge that market.


To me London has always been a natural location. The whole idea for the new stadium initially (what now seems many moons ago) was to help to increase the Ti-cats regional footprint. The ti-cats want to basically regionalize their product so that can draw people from K-W, Niagra, London, Windsor. I certainly think the Ti-Cats will take advantage of the situation and try to market their team throughout their region Going to Moncton or Quebec City doesn’t do any of that. That’s why they’ll play most of their games in 2013 in the Golden Horseshoe.

i don't see how the ticats can draw people from different regions when their new stadium will only hold 22,500 ? all those seats will be purchased by hamiltonians.

oh well.

And no out of towner's really want to come to downtown Hamilton. IWS2 is a non starter for regionalizing the team.

unless some major redevelopment happens in the area in the next 5 years.

My belief is the "22,500" figure is just posturing by the province to justify why they can rebuild the entirely new stadium for the same cost as the previous renovation. It was stated they "outrageously overestimated" the original renovation to cover any contingencies and ensure the stadium will be built "on-time and on-budget" (showing the Liberals are such great money managers). The original renovation was slated at 23,500 seats, but there will be the opportunity for the Ticats to increase capacity...or by adding temporary seating. I suspect the actual capacity will be closer to 25-26,000.

London seems like a perfect market for the CFL, substantially superior to Quebec, Moncton or Halifax for a multitude of reasons. Can they attract 20,000 to London? Build it...and they will come. :thup:

putting the CFL in some other Cities for a few games could help get the dust off the league a little more. other then american expansion, the CFL has been in the same cities for more then 50 years. time to involve some of the other cities that wernt very big at one time, but have grown a lot since the modern era of the CFL started.

this article in the spec about playing games in moncton caught my eye.–the-moncton-tiger-cats-hmmmmmm

Games in Moncton at the 21,000-seat stadium have been a success for the league over the past three years. The past two were sellouts and fewer than 1,000 seats remain for this one with Fowler sure they’d be gone by game time. In fact, he says there’s so much interest in the area that he’s been lobbying the league to double the Touchdown Atlantic festival to two games a year.
Am I just forgetful? I though the only Touchdown Atlantic game played so far was last years game between Edm and Tor. If they counted the one in Halifax a few years back that's 2 but that doesn't fit with the "past three years" part. Am I missing something? Am I that forgetful?

To me it would be in the best interest of the league if the TiCats played 3 games in London, 3 games in Moncton and 3 games in Quebec City.

I've always been curious as to why tHamilton doesn't play their preseason game here in London each year. That would help them draw a lot of fans from these parts.

The first one was an exhibition game.

Ticats still need to sell tickets for revenue. Staying as close as possile to Hamilton should help keep ticket sales up. London has the population and the it should get the locals out as its a temporary measure. I like it.

I'm a born & raised Hamiltonian now living in Kitchener. The vast majority of Ticat fans won't drive to London, I don't think. Hamiltonians are the biggest complainers in the universe, so you'll hear a lot of noise on the Ticat forum about going/not going if they play games in London, but when push comes to shove, most won't go. JMHO.

As for Kitchener, the Ranger hockey team here gets WAY more press than the CFL. :roll: Windsor is 3 hours away, for god's sake. Can't see them drawing much from, the economy there is in the crapper in a big way. Ticats will have to stay close to home to not pee off the fanbase, although regardless of the solution, there's going to be yapping. :wink:

wait, you mean people won't drive 3 hours for CFL football? but i thought moncton is planning on drawing from 4 hours away, and people think that is a good plan??

I think people in Ontario won't drive 3 hours. I believe a lot of people in Saskatchewan Drive more than 3. I am sure people out east will as well.

Yeah, because Maritimers are exact clones of people from Southwestern Ontario and behave the same way. :roll:

London would be a CFL gold mine.
I would buy 4 seats to any Ticats game.
I alrady have four London Knights season tickets.
At 500 each.
I can't see CFL season tickets being much more.
The Knights ahve I think 8,000 season tickets with a waiting list.
A CFL team could easily sell twice that many.
Lets hope it happens.

It takes 1.5 hrs Windsor to London, Chatham is half way and best place for stadium in that region.imo