CFL Combine

Looking at the National Combine names released. It looks like at least 13 players from the top 20 Winter Scouting Rankings are not attending. Getting worse every year. There is no way IMO all those guys are going to NFL camps. Pro days at Universities seem to be more popular now than the Combine. Probably won’t affect their draft status, but takes away from what the fans can expect to see at the Combine.

Yes indeed. The CFL combine is not much of event and very poorly covered. Pro days for players at their top schools get much more attention.

Big Problem is the Combine is held in toronto where most in Toronto have no interest in the CFL.
Worse held at Varisty Stadium under a temporary winter bubble. Not exactly a professional venue of set up.

Honestly why not have it in Edmonton at the new Indoor Field house Practice Facility.
I’m sure there are other teams that may have great facilities of professional looking combine.

Ten being the only network that has an agreement to by the CAP game network.
They should have the whole crew producing it live.
I realize that it is on the weekend. So live TV coverage on a tsn sports network would be impossible.
But his about simulating it live on the NFL network. Both in Canada & USA.

in 2018, seeing that i live in toronto i called and asked if i could go and watch
i was told ‘no’ - public not allowed to attend - kinda silly aint it ?

Yup. And there is have it. You live in Toronto. And want to go to the XFL Combine and your told NO.
Poor way to market your future Canadian stars.

A bit off topic here but why in the world is the CFl home office still in toronto. They get Zero coverage

I think the best thing is to move the Cfl home base to Ottawa. The Nations Capitol

all part of cfl 2.0
ambrosie is a bad commish
wally buono would have much better in showcasing the league

He is just so seed literally doing 10 things at once.

Speaking of the Combine being in Toronto. It is the best place in Canada for direct flights from the many different areas players are flying in from. More so now with so many Global players coming.