CFL Combine..

The CFL Combine is this weekend...

I am really looking forward to seeing the Numbers ..

Would love to Be there but I am not sure it open to the Public.

Wonder if Obie will trade up?

Will know that in next two months :lol:

why trade up? We have 4 first round picks from last year on our roster, we have that guy who was supposed to be as good as first overal pick from the supplement draft, Carter (who we got for nothing and i think has huge potential), Brown (who hopefully does something this year) and Rottier (who hopefully starts at tackle and not guard this year) also we drafted a db in the second round who stayed in college for one more year.

We drafted enough guys to shake a stick and we dont really need to do anything in this draft imo.

The last name Hinds comes to mind.

How about a punter?

I remember Hind's being very highly rated and lot's of team's had him on their draft board.Hopefully Obie can sign him for TC, I believe he only wanted 1 more year of school.