CFL combine times

The 40 yard sprint has become the big yard stick in football. I don’t know if I agree with it being the be all and end all but that seems to be the way many teams judge up coming players.

That being said Jamal Lee just did a wow in being timed at 4.39 over the forty. At 220 lbs and over 6 feet to have that type of break away speed is someone that doesn’t grow on trees. I can now see the NFL wanting to give him a good look which complicates things for the Ticats and Argos. Between them they have at the moment the first 4 picks so what to do, pick him anyway, or trade the pick to a team who is prepared to wait a few years.
The other big back in the draft Eric Lee showed that he should be considered as more of a fullback type coming in at almost a 4.7 in the forty. He must have been on a slow team, as he kept being mentioned as the fastest player at Weber State.

Simon Rottier, if he is still ranked the No. 1 prospect, won’t be drafted to be a lead blocker on end runs. His 5.67 is slow even for a lineman. But if he can be a lock down left tackle I guess 40 time isn’t as important. IMO lineman should be judged more on their 20 yard time, after all how many times do they have to block 40 yards down field. Because if Simon Rottier is still trying to block 40 yards down field his RB is probably 20 yards ahead of him. I guess they want their lineman fast in case the RB fumbles and they have to come flying in trying to recover a loose ball.

MLB Tristan Black came in at 5.0 which isn’t bad for a guy 6’02 240, but not fast enough to cover consistently in the CFL. He may have to look at moving to rush end.
I thought Thaine Carter out of Queen’s might make a better MLB in the CFL. But he is smaller than the listed (6’00 230) at 5’11 215 and couldn’t run because of an injury.

I haven’t seen any receivers with times that would indicate they could stretch the field. Mostly posession receivers it appears. But there is always that thing called game speed that people like Jason Clarmont have.

Double Blue

Jamall Lee's numbers are off the charts. I would really be surprised if he does not end up in an NFL camp as a FA. Tristian Black to me remains by far the best LB in the draft. His bench was pretty good, as for his 40 yrd time, I would think it would compare to Mike O'Shea's when he joined the CFL. If they decide to draft an o-line early, Matt Morencie would be a good pick, since I believe Rottier will be an NFL FA or be chosen (exilled to) Hamilton.

I can't wait for the draft to find out how wrong I am again this year....

Having been there today (I made a post with some observations in the CFL forum), I agree that Lee will likely be NFL bound. I think the Argos should steer clear of drafting him - we need players to start/backup now, not years from now. We've had enough top picks go south. Having seen Rottier in person, I think he'll be a very good CFLer but I'm less convinced he'll be NFL bound. Hamilton should take him right off the bat, even if he does go south.

The Argonauts should take Etienne Legare with the #2 pick - he was just outstanding at the combine, has great size for the CFL but I doubt he could go to the NFL and excel. He'd lose some of his upsides to make size down there. Morencie was fairly good as well - and I think he'll be around for the Argos to nab at the #4 pick. I don't think he's NFL-bound.

Don't forget there are major prospects that weren't at the combine like Ryany Hinds, Eric Fraser, Zac Carlson if he clears. I think you are correct about Legare if the Argos want him they should grab him with the second pick as he will likely be gone wiith Hamilton's third pick. I think Jamal Lee will be picked by Vancouver in the first round.

Also looks like Mat Carter established himself as the best receiver in the draft.