CFL combine prospects to test for PED's

Great move by the league. Looks like a solid drug testing program

The CIS will benefit in 2011 from additional tests conducted by the CFL. As part of its new drug policy, the CFL announced it would test 80 of the top CIS prospects prior to the CFL draft.
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I wonder what happens though if a lot of the top O-Linemen test positive. CFL teams have a hard job now finding Canadian kids good enough to start without adding some other distraction. These test results might never see the light of day, and most fans could care less IMO.

Then another Canadian Lineman can step up, or teams can start looking to add Canadian content in other positions, or the CFL can keep working with CIS to develop more Canadian talent or they can adjust the import ratio by one. It isn't like there is a shortage of players looking to play pro-ball. If you are juicing, you don't deserve to play pro-ball, bottom line.