CFL Combine Article and 2014 Mock Draft

My latest 2014 CFL Mock Draft:

1- Quinn Smith DL or OL Ottawa.
2- Pierre Lavertu OL Winnipeg.
3- Evan Gill DL Edmonton.
4- Matthias Goossen OL Montreal.
5- Devon Bailey WR BC.
6- Anthony Coombs RB Toronto.
7- Dylan Ainsworth DL Calgary.
8- Andrew Lue LB or DB Saskatchewan.
9- Casey Chin LB and LS Hamilton.


Kyle Walters and Bomber fans are loving you about now if that's true. I still don't see any way the RBs skip over Lavertu, especially with Hage not joining them and needing a long term solution at centre. Still, from your keyboard to Mark Cohon's lips on draft day :wink: :thup:

That would be the news the Bombers would want to hear. The Bombers could also use a Canadian Dlineman who could come right in and play right away.
I think Lue is a perfect fit for the Riders at #8 he would be among the best players and the Riders lost both Canadian Safeties they used last season.
They aquired Hugo Lopez and adding Lue would be perfect for teams and Cover 2 D package

Concordia defensive lineman Quinn Smith, a top prospect for next week's CFL draft, has tested positive for a banned substance.

Smith says he tested positive for Stanozolol, a synthetic anabolic steroid.

He says a supplement he purchased online contained the substance.

In a release, Smith says he accepts "full responsibility for the result of Stanozolol metabolite in my test."

Smith admits he didn't properly research the contents of the supplements and will accept the consequences.

The positive test, Smith says, came from a March 21 out of competition doping control test in Toronto.

The six-foot-two, 305-pound Smith, a Toronto native, was ranked fourth among the CFL scouting bureau's top-15 prospects for the May 13 draft, heady stuff considering Smith wasn't rated on either the fall or winter lists.

But Smith raised eyebrows at the CFL combine in March, excelling on both sides of the ball.

That versatility enhanced his chances of being taken early in the draft, possibly even first overall by the expansion Ottawa Redblacks.

So... how does this affect his skyrocketing draft stock?

an OTC supplement contained an expensive steroid ester?
Supplement manufacturers do not add pricey illegal ingredients that quash any profit margin to be had.

Smith is stretching far here.

I would imagine his stock will drop somewhat, although will still rate fairly high regardless.

BTW, Stanozolol is the same drug that Ben Johnson tested positive for in Seoul.

That's boilerplate excuse. Any time an athlete gets caught it's a tainted supplement or someone spiked their water. Just once it would be refreshing to hear one guy say, ya I took some to shave 3/10ths of a second of my 40 time and kick up my reps. My bad that I got caught.

What is the CFL policy in regards to suspension or other consequences for testing positive.
What would be the CIS consequences should he return for his final year of CIS if he is still eligible to return.
Are there any CJFL consequenses should the two previous options be affected by his eligibility to play this could be stretch as an option for him to get on the field to play in 2014 if he is even age eligible

Of course he won't say what supplement he bought that was laced with an FDA prohibited substance. He's not only a cheat, he's a liar too.

Cohon has to react. You can't have a kid cheat his way through the combine and jump ahead of the rest of the draft class this way. It would be encouraging cheating.

Not much Cohon can do I think, not by the old CBA and maybe even further constrained by the lack of a CBA in place at the moment. The positive test puts Quinn on mandatory drug testing where another positive tests earns him a suspension. I think the CIS is a bit more strict and he'll get an immediate suspension and probably won't be able to go back and play if he doesn't stick with his CFL team in TC.

Your right

It’s very disappointing that this player tested positive for a banned substance,? said Michael Copeland, President and Chief Operating Officer for the CFL. “If he is drafted and signed by one of our teams, and the positive test is confirmed, he will immediately be subject to mandatory testing as governed by our drug policy.?

Not too many years ago, the CFL wouldn't have tested him and he'd have gotten away with this.
Another example of the tremendous strides this league has taken in the last few years.

Smith said in a release issued through Concordia’s athletics department that he simply didn’t read the ingredients on a supplement he began taking this winter to prepare for the combine.
:lol: :lol: :lol:

So now he is stating that the steroid stanozolol is listed on the ingredients label of an OTC supplement he took?

oh, my stomach...

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The stuff is taken in 4 to 8 week cycles in injection or tablet form :lol: :lol: :lol:
Agents… :roll:

Listening to the guys on the radio, it sure sounds like Pierre Lavertu is going to be #1. With LDT likely having a long successful career in the NFL.

Honestly, i would take Smith, just because he has more upside.

The steroids will probably scare the team off now being a new franchise and all ..

Rewarding a drug user the #1 selection probably wouldn't look good in some eyes. :thdn:

OL on the roster right now not counting the draft picks from last year.

last/first name.

67 Lee, James
65 Menkin, Nate
50 Dunn, Brendan
57 Barrette, Anthony
59 Eppele, Joe
64 Deane, J'Micheal
53 Albright, Matthew
55 Krausnick, Alexander

I'd be very weary to make a decision on Smith based on his combine performance. His combine has to be viewed as "roid rage" by a juiced up athlete. It impacts a lot of things. Level of aggression, ability to recover, stamina, strenght, fat percentage. If I was evalutation Smith. I would strictly go to his game film. Cheating and lying would make me throw out his combine and interview right into file 13.

I think this drops Smith out of the mid to top of the first round but I could see him still going in the first to the Riders who lost 2 DL to Ottawa in the expansion draft. Then again they could look to a LB to take over for McCullough who may retire this year or next.

If not late first round then he’ll end up early to mid 2nd round. Actually this could be a blessing for Ottawa if their interest in Quinn was genuine. Getting Lavertu at 1st overall and having Quinn now potentially fall to them at the top of the 2nd round to them because of this test might be making Desjardins annoyingly giddy.

I'd agree if the draft was deeper but some of these General Managers have no morals. I don't think this will affect him "much". Now if Ottawa was hesitating between Lavertue and Smith this could very well help them finalize their decision.

Like Ken Ridley was mentionning this was likely/possibly released by one of the General Managers in the hopes that he falls in the draft...

The RedBlacks have also signed import tackle Jaraill McCullers out of North Carolina State. He has size at 6'7 325.

Anyone watching the east-west bowl tomorrow, 1pm on sportsnet360?

That's right! Forgot about him.
makes me want to gamble on Smith more so now even if it means trading down to select him.