CFL Combine Article and 2014 Mock Draft

The have updated our 2014 draft coverage with an article on the CFL Combine and we also have our first 2014 Mock Draft. Check us out and let us know what you think.

My mock CFL draft for round 1 is as follows:

Matthias Gossen OL Ottawa
Pierre Lavertu OL Winnipeg
Quinn Smith DL Edmonton
David Foucault OL Montreal
Anthony Coombs RB BC
Devon Bailey WR Toronto
Jesse Briggs LB Calgary
Evan Gill DL Saskatchewan
Andrew Lue DB Hamilton


I can't see BC taking Coombs when they already have Harris and an import RB they are high on. BC also has great needs on both sides of the line.

I'd have a tough time seeing Edmonton pass up one of the big three offensive linemen when they have struggled in that area for so long.

I do think Quinn Smith is one of the top prospects and belongs among the first few picks. I wonder if a team would draft him as an offensive lineman. I wonder if Smith would be happy as an offensive lineman.

3 Round CFL draft from Scott Mitchell at the Sun

  1. Ottawa RedBlacks — Pierre Lavertu, OL, Laval

Hard to see RedBlacks going anywhere but offensive line. A centre by trade, Lavertu would flip to guard.

  1. Winnipeg Blue Bombers — Matthias Goossen, OL, Simon Fraser

Bombers will choose between Goosen and David Foucault. Clan interior lineman may be safer pick.

  1. Edmonton Eskimos — David Foucault, OL, Montreal

As with RedBlacks, offensive line will be a priority for Chris Jones’ Eskimos. Foucault has the size and lateral quickness to play tackle, but he needs to get stronger.

  1. Montreal Alouettes — Anthony Coombs, RB, Manitoba

Not sold on Coombs this high, personally, but Als have been inching towards Canuck backfield for a while now. Coombs would give them a change-of-pace option behind 2013 first-round Steven Lumbala and big, bad Jerome Messam.

  1. B.C. Lions — Devon Bailey, WR, St. FX

Lions have receiver depth, but Bailey may be too good to pass up. Could go DB or DL, as well.

  1. Toronto Argonauts — Quinn Smith, DL, Concordia

Impressive combine boosted Smith’s stock. Played both ways in university, so he’s a bit of a project. But that means untapped potential, too.

  1. Calgary Stampeders — Evan Gill, DT, Manitoba

Stamps roster is well-stocked at most spots, so they’ll have the luxury of going best-player-available route. Gill’s motor has been questioned, but his physical tools are top notch.

  1. Saskatchewan Roughriders (from Hamilton) — Andrew Lue, DB, Queen’s

Didn’t run at combine because of an injury, but rangy 6-foot-2 defensive back is similar in size to departed FS/LB Craig Butler.

  1. Hamilton Tiger-Cats (from Saskatchewan) — David Menard, DL, Montreal

Good combine showing boosted powerful lineman’s stock. Would eventually provide line depth behind Brian Bulcke.


  1. Ottawa RedBlacks — Beau Landry, LB/FS, Western

Didn’t run as fast as he needed to at combine, posting a 4.71 in the 40. Teams aren’t sure if he’s fluid enough in coverage.

  1. Hamilton Tiger-Cats (from Saskatchewan, via Winnipeg) — Adam Thibault, DB, Laval

Fastest player in draft is pretty much devoid of football instincts, which muddles his projection.

  1. B.C. Lions (via Edmonton) — Derek Wiggan, DL, Queen’s

If Lions don’t address D-line in Round 1, they’ll likely do it with one of two second-round picks.

  1. Montreal Alouettes — Dylan Ainsworth, DL, Western

Ainsworth showed off his impressive speed and agility at the combine and solidified his status as a top 20 pick. Comparable to Stamps’ 2013 second rounder Ben D’Aguilar.

  1. B.C. Lions — Casey Chin, LB, Simon Fraser

With roster flexibility at a premium, Chin’s long-snapping acumen make him an attractive option.

  1. Toronto Argonauts — Kris Bastien, WR, Concordia

If they don’t get Bailey in the first round, they might look to restock receiver depth later on in draft. Interesting size at 6-foot-3.

  1. Calgary Stampeders — Kyle Paterson, OL, Regina

Paterson had to work his way to the main combine through the Edmonton regional combine, but he turned heads in the process, showing good strength and athleticism. The last time the Stamps went to the Regina O-line well, it turned out OK.

  1. Hamilton Tiger-Cats — Max Caron, LB, Concordia

Near the end of the second round, the lack of depth in this draft class really starts to show. Don’t be surprised if we see some off-the-radar selections.

  1. Saskatchewan Roughriders — Antoine Pruneau, DB, Montreal

Fast-rising prospect ran second-fastest 40 at CFL Combine and posted a 6.78 in the three-cone drill, which would have placed him in the top 20 at the NFL Combine.


  1. Calgary Stampeders (from Ottawa) — Laurent Duvernay-Tardif, OL, McGill

Stamps GM/head coach John Hufnagel personally attended Duvernay-Tardif’s pro day last month, but it was more because his son, Cole, was there scouting the big tackle for the New York Jets. Still, with three selections in this round, the Stamps will be thinking long-term, even though it looks like LDT will be a late round NFL pick and might never show up. Worth the gamble.

  1. Winnipeg Blue Bombers — Kirby Fletcher, DL, Acadia

Fletcher could go much higher than this, so the Bombers would be ecstatic to get him at this point in the draft.

  1. Edmonton Eskimos — Terry Hart, OL, St. FX

The Esks don’t have a second rounder thanks to the Mike Reilly trade. They’ll likely be looking to get at least a couple of O-lineman in this draft.

  1. Montreal Alouettes — Eric Black, DB, Saint Mary’s

They’d probably like an offensive lineman, but I’m not sure there’s value at that spot here. Black’s slow combine times are noteworthy.

  1. Ottawa RedBlacks (from Calgary, via BC) — Johnny Mark, K, Calgary

Has positioned himself as the top kicker in the draft, coming a long way in the last couple of years. Rick Campbell knows the importance of finding a reliable boot-man.

  1. Calgary Stampeders (from Winnipeg, via Toronto) — Jesse Briggs, LB, McGill

Special-teams value. Special-teams value. Special-teams value. The Stamps will be searching for it with three third-round picks.

  1. Calgary Stampeders — Josh Burns, DB, Windsor

Add another name to the free-safety mix, as the Stamps search for their long-term answer in the middle of the secondary.

  1. Winnipeg Blue Bombers (from Calgary, via Hamilton) — Kit Hillis, WR, Saskatchewan

Bombers might want to continue to fortify trenches, but Hillis is likely a top 30 selection.

  1. B.C. Lions (from Saskatchewan) — Tore Corrado, WR, Simon Fraser

The Lions missed out on Brad Erdos and Adam Berger in 2012, and this scenario sees them taking two members of the Clan. Corrado’s speed is intriguing, but he’s raw. Really raw.

As a Cat fan,I would be doing handstands and backflips if your projections were accurate and the team ended up drafting the three players you have slotted in as chosen by Hamilton:pick#9...Anthony Coombs-rb/Manitoba..pick#11...Andrew Lue-db/Queens..pick#17-Terry Hart-ol/St.Francis. If Austin can pull this off,it will place a huge grin and smile on my face from ear to ear.I really think we have a good shot at Coombs,despite picking last in the first round,hopefully he is still there when its our turn and he is on Austin's radar when he picks our 1rst round selection.Coombs would be a more than capable replacement for Walker behind Gable and help in hopefully solidifying our return game and add an extra weapon to an already fully loaded offense that is already potent,and has the potential to put up big numbers this year.Andrew Lue would be the final piece of the puzzle to complete the trifecta as a capable back-up DB behind projected Cdn starters Butler and Steven in the backfield and would also certainly contribute on special teams replacing the departed Matt Bucknor in that department.The Cats are deep in Cdn OL at the moment,but with Hage gone and Dyakowski looking to miss time due to injury and his future uncertain at the time,you can never have enough Cdn OL stockpiled and Hart is more than capable of contributing and making the final 46 this season.

He's the guy I would like Montreal to draft at 4 if he's still on the board.

I'm thinking that the Al's will bypass Coombs,who I think will still be available in the #4 slot IMO Montreal with the 4th pick takes either DT-Quinn Smith or Evan Gill as they need help on the DL,barring that if they decide on an offensive player and go that route instead I think they draft wr-Devon Bailey ahead of Coombs.

Montreal also needs Linebackers. We've lost 5 NI linebackers in the last year due to retirement, FA and the expansion draft. I can't see the Als going for a 3rd NI running back. Especially since Lumbala hasn't played a meaningful game yet.

It will be interesting to see who takes Coombs as he can be a Canadian Hybred game changer.
There have proven to be a gaggle of LB/DE with great athletic ability and will be able to step in right away and play teams but in recent past not many getin tinot the starting defensive line up so holding of to the second round for such players may be wise unless they see another Muamba type player available.
evan Gill Also after the East West shrine game has been placed of the CFL radar and has bulked up with Muscle for teams that can use a second CanadianDT to rotate in on the Dline.

Steven Lumbala was the highest drafted RB in the CFL but typically these guys are early first round picks and Coombs is undersized and has not accomplished what these guys have.

Andre Durie went undrafted in 2007 after a strong evaluation camp.
John Cornish was drafted mid-second round
Andrew Harris Didn't go to College went undrafted
Eric Lapointe after two Hec Creighton and an AUS rookie of the year was drafted in the third round.
Jesse Lumsden probably the best RB to come out of the CIS was drafted sixth.

With Hage's retirement, maybe Lavertu doesn't flip to guard after all.

It wouldn't surprise me to see them use their first two picks on OL now. They only have seven guys under contract (that I know of) across the line with the possibility of a 2013 draft pick joining them.

Now that Cornish, Harris, and to a lesser extent Messam have had tremendous success as starters, I think GMs are looking at Canadian tailbacks differently than they did 10 years ago. A good RB prospect will get chosen higher now than previously, and Lumbala last year is an example of that.

Coombs also comes in with more versatility of skills then those before him. Already an accomplished returner as a Kick Off and Punt returner as well as an exceelent receiver already.
He also has had the U19 team Canada training in which he domintaeted team USA with Will Finch at QB for both the IFAF U19 championship as well as with the internatinal team in the International bowl.
What makes him valuable as a first round pick is that many LB/DE that have been drafted in the first round have rarely gotten past being special teams experts

The biggest problem I think teams have with Canadian running backs is there isn't the depth behind them in case of injury. So they pretty well have to look at the RB position as an Import spot even if they start a Canadian there. So BC has Logan to alternate with Harris and the same with Cornish in Calgary. So if you have a back as good as Harris or Cornish they will start but the backup will be a Import.

Versatility means nothing if he can't excel in any particular at the pro level. He's reported to be around 5,6" 185 pounds, that's too small to be a running back in the CFL. Sometimes guys can look great against College opponents but when you run into a McCune or a BigHill it changes things a little.

True True but how many hybrid type imports did the CFL bring in last season or two of similar size. Lamar, Banks, Tavoy Moore, Devine and on and on.
Having Canadian who can do what they are loking for from these types of imports are priceless.
I agree that going back to play in the CIS will not help him so if he needs a half or full season to mature it would be well worth it. He is still young and not one of these 25 year old rookies.

Where did u get 5'6" 185 from on Coombs? He's listed at 5'9" 190 lbs in the CIS data and also that's what he was measured at at the combine. This would put him at roughly the same size as Andre Durie. Compared to the current Als RBs, height wise he's about the same as their imports, just 10-20 lbs lighter at the moment. Stefan Logan, Jock Sanders, Will Ford are others about the same ht and weight as Coombs and have had varying degrees of success. Any team that drafts him would probably look for him to add another 10 lbs to his frame I would imagine. Durie took a couple of years to break out for the Argos, so as long as a team shows some patience there's no reason Coombs can't be an effective CFL player. And Durie from what I've read would be his comparable for the type of player expected.

Everything is possible but team sites and internet height and weight numbers for football players are notoriously misleading. From comments I’ve read mostly out of Winnipeg he’s smaller than that. Here is a picture standing next to Pete Adams #21 a defensive halfback listed at 190 pounds.
You draw your own conclusions… Doesn’t take anything away from what he accomplished in College, I’m just saying that he’s awfully small to be a RB in professional football.

Thats what makes his skill set as a hybrid back so special. I mentioned earlier that teams scour the US for imports each year now for that hybrid player which may have to take up a DI spot on your roster. Having a Canadian who can do this makes it much easier to fit into the 20 NI spots on your roster.
Two Back systems are getting to be even more popular in the CFL so he could be the change up second part of a two RB system.

So, is there the potential for two of the top 4 NI Olineman in the draft to be NFL bound and not immediately available to and CFL club that drafts them?

CFL News ?@CFL_News 28m

.@cflsuperagent says #CFL draft prospect OL David Foucault had Xcellent NFL super regional combine in Detroit...via @PentonKirk

I would guess the retirement of Hage and Foucault potentially going to a NFL training camp makes it even more likely they draft Lavertu. The question now is if the Bombers still gamble on Foucault or take Goosen who could be more immediate help. This news would be especially bad for the Esks who really did nothing to address the Oline except add Justin Sorensen who the Bombers were more than happy to let walk and may have been banking on getting one of the OLs to upgrade the spot.