CFL-Colts Connection

I knew there was a CFL-Colts connection, but this Slam Sports story points out that the Colts President (Bill Polian), Offensive Coordinator (Tom Moore), Defensive Coordinator (Ron Meeks), Linebacker Coach (Mike Murphy) and scout Cal Murphy all spent time in the CFL. Is it any coincidence that the Colts are the defending SuperBowl champs? :cowboy:

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What is "Yes".

I'll take Phoney Sports Connections for a thousand, Alex.

Funny. But I believe the word you are looking for is 'spurious'. :cowboy:

I was gonna say 'specious', but didn't want to face all the replies laughing at me for misspelling 'species'.

LOL. Aren't we assuming that football fans are a bunch of dummies? With the presence of that many former CFLers though, I think the Colts status is more than just coincidence. :cowboy:

Take away Peyton, and all those CFL connections plus a toonie will get you a 6-10 record, and a coffee.

Mike Murphy, didn't he used to coach the Leafs? I wondered what he was up to??

Remember when they tried to name the CFL team the Baltimore CFL Colts?