CFL coaches with connections to Montreal

I just found it very funny that there are 3 head coaches(not including Montreal) in the league that have been in the Als organisation at some point in time.

Wally Buono: Wasent he a linebacker who played for the Als in the 70s?

Danny Macciocia: Our beloved Danny who was with us for several years as an assistant coach. Now he spends his time conspiring to ruin the Ekimos!

Doug Berry: This man coached AC before leaving to save the Blue Bombers from yet another "rebuilding" season!

There's also Dave Ritchie, the Lions DC who's a former Mtl head coach, and I can't remember if Rod Rust is still employed somewhere, but he was a coach here the year we melted like a gummy bear in the sun.

Yes Buono was a LB with the Als in the 1970s; also handled the punting.

Two more additions to the list: BC's offensive coordinator, Jacques Chapdelaine, played with the Als in 1985-1986; Gregg Butler, Winnipeg's defensive backs coach, was on the Als' staff from 1999 to 2001, and had played with Montreal one year I think in 1981;