CFL Coach of the Year

In the Toronto Sun Sports a story on the CFL Coach of the year for 2014 and the top three considerations of John Hufnagel, Tom Higgins and Chris Jones and maybe in fourth Kent Austin not sure if I agree but what do you think?

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Austin or Higgins.
Austin has done a great job to get us into first place in the East with a slow start, new QB and injuries to key players.
But Higgins has also orchestrated a huge turnaround since the beginning of the season.
My guess is that Higgins will be the favourite with the sportswriters.

What do I think ? It doesn't matter what I or you or anybody else thinks. The CFL will just give it to the coach of the team that happens to win the Cup,as usual. The league should just rename the award the "Coach of the Grey Cup Winning team Award ".
The Coach of the Year award makes about as much sense as having the Eastern finalist for O-Lineman of the year not making the Eastern All-Star team :roll: or having the QB of a team that missed the playoffs being named the Eastern MOP. :roll:
Gee,do ya think it's a coincidence that the 4 coaches mentioned are the 4 coaches still left in the playoffs ? IMO they should just scrap the award altogether as it's rather redundant as to who actually wins the trophy each year anyway.

I think Jones deserves it the most, biggest turnaround year over year, his abrasive nature may cost him a few votes.
Higgins managed to win one more game than the Popp did last year and Austin has a talented team that went to the GC last year.

Maybe Jeff Garcia for his work in developing Crompton to a bona fide starter in less than a season. Who says the Coach of the Year has to be a head coach?

Yes, in my mind, Jones is a slam dunk for coach of the year.

Austin took over a 6 and 12 team last year and turned them into a 10 and 8 team with a Grey Cup appearance and didn't win.
So I'm not sure Jones is a lock.

As of right now Jones should be the winner, but if Calgary wins the Grey Cup it would be hard not to vote for Huf going 17-3 while his team battled injuries all year. Third finalist should be whoever wins the East final on Sunday.

I get what you're saying, and I can't be sure Jones will win, but I think there's no question Jones deserves to win. Austin took a decent team with an established veteran QB and managed to win a few more of the close games than the team had the previous year. A couple of heroic efforts by Burris lifted the team to the GC, but I don't think Hamilton became a scary team last year in the way that Edmonton has become a scary team this year.

Well, it surely wasn't Mike Benevides who was fired today by the BCLions.

Yeah, I could see that, though it's 15-3, not 17-3 (still very impressive). It's almost more like Huf deserves some other kind of award for having the longevity and savvy in his GM role to have his team sufficiently loaded up with talent that he didn't need to take extraordinary measures when players got hurt. Huf also serves as a great example of how important it is to attract and retain quality assistants (and he deserves credit for that). On the other hand, Huf has benefited from the fact that Dickenson hasn't been able to land a HC gig yet.

Will be very interesting to see what happens with Lulay and Glenn in the off-season.

When I said 17-3, I was including the West Final and Grey Cup.

Austin? I know you are biased but if Hamilton had lost that last game they would've been out of the playoffs and it was likely that Austin would've been fired. Or look how close they came to losing that game in Ottawa too the week before.

And if Austin wins the Cup then he wins :roll:
And if Higgins wins the Cup then he wins :roll:
And if Huf wins the Cup then he wins :roll:
And if Jones wins the Cup then he wins :roll:

And Chamblin won the Cup and he won :roll: 2013
And Milanovich won the Cup and he won :roll: 2012
And Buono won the Cup and he won :roll: 2011
And Trestman won the Cup and he won :roll: 2009
And Hufnagel won the Cup and he won :roll: 2008
And Austin won the Cup and he won :roll: 2007
And Buono won the Cup and he won :roll: 2006

Spot a trend here ? With the exception of 2010 when everybody's fav "Blue Blob"Barker coached the Blue team to a 9-9 season and a 3rd place finish and won COY :roll: ,it's rather obvious you win the Cup,you win the award...plain and simple.
I'm not saying that some of the past winners weren't worthy but IMO the award is given out way too long after the season is over and most of the voters take the lazy way out when it comes to the voting process by simply ticking off the ballot box of whoever won the Grey Cup for that year.

Hufnagel gets my vote, hands down!

Interesting that for the first 8 years of the award, it never went to the Grey Cup winning coach. And it still happened only once in the first 12 years of the award, and only 4 times in the first 23 years of the award.

But the trend you are talking about started to take hold from 1984 onward, though it's not ironclad. I guess reporters weren't quite so lazy in the old days? Or maybe back then they thought the GC winning coach didn't need any additional recognition? And did I just call 1983 "the old days"?

For the sake of completeness:

Year -- COY, COY's team -- Grey Cup Winning Team

2013 -- Corey Chamblin, Saskatchewan -- Saskatchewan Roughriders
2012 -- Scott Milanovich, Toronto -- Toronto Argonauts
2011 -- Wally Buono, B.C. -- BC Lions
2010 -- Jim Barker, Toronto -- Montreal Alouettes
2009 -- Marc Trestman, Montreal -- Montreal Alouettes
2008 -- John Hufnagel, Calgary -- Calgary Stampeders
2007 -- Kent Austin, Saskatchewan -- Saskatchewan Roughriders
2006 -- Wally Buono, B.C. -- BC Lions
2005 -- Tom Higgins, Calgary -- Edmonton Eskimos
2004 -- Greg Marshall, Hamilton -- Toronto Argonauts
2003 -- Tom Higgins, Edmonton -- Edmonton Eskimos
2002 -- Don Matthews, Montreal -- Montreal Alouettes
2001 -- Dave Ritchie, Winnipeg -- Calgary Stampeders
2000 -- Charlie Taaffe, Montreal -- BC Lions
1999 -- Charlie Taaffe, Montreal -- Hamilton Tiger-Cats
1998 -- Ron Lancaster, Hamilton -- Calgary Stampeders
1997 -- Don Matthews, Toronto -- Toronto Argonauts
1996 -- Ron Lancaster, Edmonton -- Toronto Argonauts
1995 -- Don Matthews, Baltimore -- Baltimore Stallions
1994 -- Don Matthews, Baltimore -- BC Lions
1993 -- Wally Buono, Calgary -- Edmonton Eskimos
1992 -- Wally Buono, Calgary -- Calgary Stampeders
1991 -- Adam Rita, Toronto -- Toronto Argonauts
1990 -- Mike Riley, Winnipeg -- Winnipeg Blue Bombers
1989 -- John Gregory, Saskatchewan -- Never mind
1988 -- Mike Riley, Winnipeg -- Winnipeg Blue Bombers
1987 -- Bob O’Billovich, Toronto -- Edmonton Eskimos
1986 -- Al Bruno, Hamilton -- Hamilton Tiger-Cats
1985 -- Don Matthews, B.C. -- BC Lions
1984 -- Cal Murphy, Winnipeg -- Winnipeg Blue Bombers
1983 -- Cal Murphy, Winnipeg -- Toronto Argonauts
1982 -- Bob O’Billovich, Toronto -- Edmonton Eskimos
1981 -- Joe Faragalli, Saskatchewan -- Edmonton Eskimos
1980 -- Ray Jauch, Winnipeg -- Edmonton Eskimos
1979 -- Hugh Campbell, Edmonton -- Edmonton Eskimos
1978 -- Jack Gotta, Calgary -- Edmonton Eskimos
1977 -- Vic Rapp, B.C. -- Montreal Alouettes
1976 -- Bob Shaw, Hamilton -- Ottawa Rough Riders
1975 -- George Brancato, Ottawa -- Edmonton Eskimos
1974 -- Marv Levy, Montreal -- Montreal Alouettes
1973 -- Jack Gotta, Ottawa -- Ottawa Rough Riders
1972 -- Jack Gotta, Ottawa -- Hamilton Tiger-Cats
1971 -- Leo Cahill, Toronto -- Calgary Stampeders
1970 -- Ray Jauch, Edmonton -- Montreal Alouettes
1969 -- Frank Clair, Ottawa -- Ottawa Rough Riders
1968 -- Eagle Keys, Saskatchewan -- Ottawa Rough Riders
1967 -- Jerry Williams, Calgary -- Hamilton Tiger-Cats
1966 -- Frank Clair, Ottawa -- Saskatchewan Roughriders
1965 -- Bud Grant, Winnipeg -- Hamilton Tiger-Cats
1964 -- Ralph Sazio, Hamilton -- BC Lions
1963 -- Dave Skrien, B.C. -- Hamilton Tiger-Cats
1962 -- Steve Owen, Saskatchewan -- Winnipeg Blue Bombers
1961 -- Jim Trimble, Hamilton -- Winnipeg Blue Bombers

Yup agree with that. I think that Austin should have been the winner last year when you consider what he did with a team that didn't even have a real home. All Chamblin did last season was hand Taman a list of the players he wanted signed to make a GC run, and let his staff do the rest! This year without all of those players back, the "best coach in 2013" couldn't make it past the first round let alone get to the GC again. Granted DD being injured hurt the team but why did they all fall apart when one player - even a key one - went down?

Chris Jones should win imo but there honestly is an argument for all four of the coaches remaining, wouldn't be mad if any of them won.