CFL C'mon Man!

As pointed out in the Ti-Cat forum, the East division semi-final seems to have made it to classic ESPN segment, C'mon Man

The kick is up, and it's....gggg.......ggggg......pfft....C'MON MAN!

more fans at the highschool game in the clip that preceeded it

We never did catch the wind speed when we saw bits and pieces of the game. Know what it was?

I think it was 46Km/hr with gusts up to 66KM/hr

that's fantastic! I love that he shows CFL in his clips.

Looked a lot worse

my only gripe is he seemingly dismisses the CFL as he says, ‘now onto some big time football’, immediately after showing the CFL clip.
i know this guy is a fan, but it didn’t come across that way.

well thanks to Bob Young it doesnt look very big time... those stands hold about 6000 people!!!!!

Agreed. Of all the stadiums they had to show Guelph! :x

Right, because 20 yard FG attempts died at the goal line in so many CFL games that day