CFL clubs reveal 10 names from negotiation lists

TORONTO — The nine Canadian Football League teams have each unveiled 10 players from their negotiation lists. Clubs are required to do so on two occasions each year – in September and December – following a measure approved at the 2018 CFL winter meetings.

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Okay, so all these players are from US schools. Do we have something similar for players from Canadian schools?

No, Canadian Highschoolers would go on to be draft eligible OR in rare occurrences, maybe a territorial exemption though I’m not sure how that works

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Maybe I’m missing something, but I don’t get the point of these reveals. Just make the entire negotiation lists public and be done with it. Why only reveal ten?

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I would take it a step further and say with a salary cap why does an exclusive negotiation list still exist? Anyone undrafted can just be a free agent.

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Yes, it’s called the draft, and they only draft Canadians. The neg lists have always been the CFL’s way of drafting Americans.

The neg lists are the way teams can claim American players, and if any of the CFL teams wants that player they have to go through the team that has that players rights.

Neg list are like a quasi-draft for American players, only there are no rounds and all the players are first come first serve.