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i've always wondered what its like to walk around a CFL stadium in a city too far away from me...for those who are curious, heres the inside of the skydome during an argo game....does anyone have video of different CFL stadiums??

( i didnt record this )

heres the infamous streaker at mcmahon stadium from a few weeks ago...apparently he got arrested out in the parking lot.

One thing I will say is that the Rogers Centre looks so much better in the football configuration than baseball, it actually looks like a stadium with some feel in it for football. For baseball bad, bad, bad. Baseball needs that old style look for a stadium to look half-way decent.

an alouette fan yelling at belli? ( lots of )

heres the inside of commonwealth:

( ps...the stegall BURN is at the end )

Did you see this one? An old one but very funny....

HAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAAHA....and the bombers got a flag for it..hahaha

wow that would be embarassing.

Man, have to admit that other than the running track, Commonwealth is a really nice stadium even after all these years.

i agree..and the cheerleaders actually do more than swing thier hips, and the fireworks are nice and the crowd sings the eskie song...i wish games were like that here.

No Kerwin got that flag but No21 for the bombers should have gotten on as well. You can see from the view from the far endzone he pushed Bell.

Oh man, everyone should check this clip out. I still can't stop laughing! My stomach it hurts it hurts, LOL hahahaha

Great clip, thanks

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why did CBC stop using the music in this clip?...sounded good to me.