CFL Classics - Hamilton at Toronto

Watcing it now on ESPN Classic Canada......don't know the exact date of this game, but it's vaguely familiar......Bashir Levingston returned the opening kickoff for a TD, and now the Argos are 1st and Goal on the 1.

Meant to ask, does anyone here remember this game?

Ummm, well it’s 21-0.

I wasn’t trash talking by asking people about this game or making a thread…I really didn’t remember this game (and still really don’t).

38-31 Argos.......nice game.

For the Ticats, that was the second-last game of the 2004 season. At that time, the two teams needed the win to get home field advantage in the East Division semi-final. We hoped what happened during that game would not be a sign of things to come in that semi-final game, but it was.

And you can click here for the play-by-play game thread for that game.

heh, I remember now.......the reason why I didn't remember that game was because I actually missed the 1st quarter.