CFL Classic Games on TSN Fridays

Tomorrow April 10th at 7PM on TSN 3 is a replay of the final game at Ivor Wynne from 2012.
Full Schedule below

Great Idea.

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Anyone watching tonight’s game. Hall of Fame game at THF from 2017. Not a pretty result - even though June Jones had taken over the helm - but then it wasn’t a pretty season.
Second game will be better - from 2019 vs BC and we all KNOW the Ticats didn’t lose a game at THF last season! :grinning:

That shotgun from the 1 yard line play was pretty contentious around here. Might have eventually cost the Cats a playoff spot in 2017.

Some were calling for Collaros to be given some playing time in the June Jones system. Others were confident he was washed up and could never lead a team to a championship win.

I don’t recall whether there was much controversy that year about Speedy B begin allowed to start at WR. But I think there was a near-consensus that CJ Gable’s productive days were behind him.

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As soon as I tuned in and realized it was an old Sask at TiCat game , i thought "Suits" must have chosen the game for TSN . Our defence couldn't stop the pass or the run . Thiggy looked like a Heisman winner while Gable displayed his lack of hands .
The 2019 Cats - Rider games were much more competitive . In 2017 we lost by 8 and 17 points to the Slime Team .
Yesterday I watched the Cats destroy the Bombers in Winnipeg , 33-13 .:grinning: in last year's away game .

Pat Lynch (the Mayor of Ancient Oaks , Saskatchewan )

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My thoughts exactly as I watched. Too bad we lost Thigpen to his NFL tryout, and the display by Cable why he wound up being traded. Kent Austin loved his blocking ability, but I remember him more as a showing those flashes of potential, always cut short by maddening injuries or flat play.

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Well Gable’s last 2 years in Edmunchuk weren’t too shabby:

Did we give up on him too early, or was he just not used properly here in the Hammer?

Or, did he just not like it here, or his role, which lead to his trade, and the improvement in his play? Sometimes a trade is a wake-up call.

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I’m not sure why Gable sometimes gets a bad rap here. He was hardly given the ball either running or on screens. Most running backs need to touch the ball and get their head involved in the game. He was solid staying in to block for the qbs and never really bitched about his role. Look back to how dynamic he was in 2013. Injuries certainly played a part in 2014 and 2015 slowing him down but they never really featured him
in the offence afterward. He was definitely productive in Edmonton, maybe that trade gave him a bit of an extra edge. He was always more of a consistent 4-5 yard power runner and had decent hands, reminded me a lot of Avon Cobourne. Solid but maybe not a guy with breakaway speed or the ability to make defenders miss in the open field. But if you fed him the ball 15-20 times a game he seemed to take his game up a notch.


In his rookie season I remember him high hurdling a (blew team?) tackler. He instantly became a favourite player of mine based on that one play. :football: :football: :football: :slightly_smiling_face: :mask:

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Gable was on fire in the throwback (Red and White) jersey’s in Guelph in 2013. He did more than a hurdle on one play - it was like a high jump. Very entertaining back.

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Latest round of classics updated, including our 2013 semi-final win in Guelph ( can’t wait to see the wall of wind that blocked the Alouettes field goal attempt again). Lots of great playoff games to be sure. May want to skip over tonight’s replay of 2019 Grey Cup though.

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Was a bit weird that the 2016 Grey Cup wasn’t on the Ottawa TSN feed.

Yeah , but we get to listen to the “Wisdom of Suits” . :roll_eyes: I think I’ll pass , even though I like Cuthbert .

Pat Lynch (the old guy)

Tonight TSN will replay the Ticats' loss to SSK in the 2013 Grey Cup.

I would like to formally register my complaint: of all the games from the past decade that they keep selecting for this broadcast, none of them is a Tiger-Cat Grey Cup victory. Clear case of media bias!


I’ll try not to get political as it is frowned on here, but FAKE NEWS!!! :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :slightly_smiling_face: :mask:

There is no Tiger-Cat Grey Cup victory in the past decade.

I hate to speak for others, but I think ExPat was trying to have fun with that fact. :wink: :mask:

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I like to post enough blatantly ridiculous things so that people come to expect it of me. And then, when I inevitably say something truly ignorant, it is more plausible that it’s all just part of my schtick.


Few weeks ago my local pub had TSN on replaying the 1981 Grey Cup. Had to leave at halftime because of Covid rules, but being an Ottawan I didn’t want to see the second half of that one anyway :slight_smile: